Monday, July 16, 2007


I thought I would do a quick update since my blood tests just came in. Everything was normal, which is great. Evidently, the concern was a blood infection. If it would have came back showing one we would have to deliver immediatly. That explains why the lab ran up here so fast. It's pretty common and they have expected it to have happened already. It's just another reminder that every day is so important and in no way guaranteed. We are still at a point where we can deliver on a moment's notice regardless of how good we've been. To have lasted this long is a miracle in itself.

My heart rate is still high though. When it was taken I had been asleep, no movement at all and it was still 114. The nurse and doctor on call is concerned because it's really high, even for me and if it gets to or over 120, it becomes dangerous. When the doctor comes in today the plan is to try and figure out why it's doing that and what, if anything, should be done to try and bring it back down. Right now, I'm just on extra monitoring to make sure it doesn't get any higher.

On a good note, today we do hit 30 weeks!!! I can clearly remember one doctor when we were admitted saying there was no way we'd last 48 hours, and even when we hit 26 weeks my favorite doctor said it would be highly unlikely to hit this point and when we did we could celebrate! Not as much as when we hit 32, but 6 weeks and 2 days is something to be very happy about!

Well, I just saw the doctor. He is going to keep monitoring everything for now.

His concern is that Matthew's heart rate is decelerating so much for so long during each contraction. Right now, he is going to continue to monitor it since the heart rate comes up right after and my contractions have started to spread out.

The reason for the deceleration is more than likely cord compression. Because there is such a limited amount of fluid, when the uterus contracts, it squeezes the cord and cuts of oxygen to Matthew.

If the contractions return to a 15 minute apart span OR they start lasting longer, we will consider inserting a tube into the amniotic sac and replenishing the fluids.

They don't want to do that unless it's necessary for a few reasons. One is the risk of infection. Inserting anything into the amniotic sac puts us at a high risk for bringing in an infection.

The second reason is that it may not work. We don't know how big the whole is in the amniotic sac so there is a chance that all of the fluid will just pour out and we would be opening ourselves to infection for nothing.

For now, I am increasing my fluid intake (I'm not sure how that's even possible!) and we are going to continue to watch both Matthew's heart rate and mine.

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