Thursday, July 19, 2007


Late this afternoon, I started to feel sick. Not terrible, but not good. I waited a while and mentioned it to the nurse when she came in. She took my temperature, which was raised. Not a good thing to see.

Because I was sick, she put me on the monitor. I was having the same contractions, about every 20 minutes, but Matthew still looks great.

For the past day or two, whenever Matthew moves, it is incredibly painful. I was told before that it was normal, so I didn't think too much of it. Turns out it isn't normal. My heart rate also jumped up to the 110-120 range.

So, the nurse called the doctor who requested blood work to check for infection. The results came back that I have a slightly elevated white blood cell count from Sunday. Right now, it isn't high enough to be of concern, but we'll keep watching it to ensure that we stay infection free. I'm sure we'll go all over it again tomorrow when the doctor is in.

So, that's our update for today.

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