Saturday, July 28, 2007



Most of today was pretty uneventful.

Around 6:30, I started to feel a little sick. I started to have really bad cramping and a strong urge to use the potty.

After an hour or so I realized it was getting a lot worse. That prompted me to call the nurse to get some answers and to let them know I had some serious pain and pressure.

My temp was taken and read 99.5. My blood pressure was 138/79, which is REALLY high for me and my heart rate was 117. I was hooked up to the monitor.

Even though contractions weren't showing up too frequently, I was still in some serious pain. The doctor was called and my room temperature was turned down because I was sweating so bad. My room is now a cool 60 degrees. My temp went back down to a normal range after about an hour and a half. I still have the pain pretty bad, but the plan for now is to wait and see.

I heard that the baby shower was a ton of fun. Thanks so much to everyone that attended. I'm sure I'll hear more details in a day or two. Dusty is going to bring me my camera so I should be able to upload some pics today or tomorrow. I want to give a huge thanks to my parents, Dusty's parents, Christina, Samantha, Christy and Jamie for all of their hard work.

I hope everyone has a great night! Tonight is our 8 week anniversary in the hospital and as soon as there is more to update you with, I'll gladly do it :)

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