Monday, July 2, 2007


Normally, I go to bed around 11. I am woken up around 4 for vitals and then I sleep until about 8-8:30 depending on when the nurse comes in with breakfast.

Not this morning.

This morning I was woken up by a woman at 6:30 holding a tournequet and some empty vials awaiting my blood. Let me tell ya, while it may be easy to go back to sleep after you have your blood pressure taken, it isn't nearly as easy after 2 vials of blood have been drawn from your arm still bruised from the last blood drawing.

She leaves and I start to fall back to sleep when I have another awakening. Evidently, when my nurse last night took my blood pressure, it didn't record, so she wanted to take it at 6:45. Then, she wanted to know if I needed any juice. With a smile, I let her know all I needed was some sleep.

I tried for 15 minutes to sleep and just tossed and turned so I decided to get up.

The first thing I do every morning is use the restroom. I still leak quite a bit and it's refreshing to feel dry for a few moments.

Those that have had babies I am sure remember the hospital issued Maternity Pads. They are very similar to menstral pads, but they are not stick on one side, are longer and more absorbant. I use these constantly since they help to gauge how much fluid I'm losing and help to ensure that the fluid is still clear and without foul oder.

Yesterday morning was the first time I noticed that there was blood. We had bleeding a couple of weeks ago, but it was entirely different. Dr. Hedriana took note and thought that it would just be an irritation that would go away.

Last night, the bleeding was back. Last time I bled, it was just once a day basically whereas this time it seems to be constant.

This morning, the blood returned and there was more than yesterday.

I'm waiting for the doctor to come in, but there are two theories the nurse and on call ob/gyn (who isn't able to treat me regardless since I'm under the care of doctor's above her) believe.

The first theory is that there is blood in my amniotic fluid. The blood could indicate an infection, however I have no other signs of infection. Matthew's heart rate is great, he isn't in distress at all, I do not have a fever and my blood pressure is staying steady.

The second theory is that the blood is coming from my cervix and I am already starting to dialate. This is the theory that the doctor believes to be the most plausible. Right now, there isn't anything they can do to stop dialation. My cervix has been long and closed through all of pregnancy and even as of my ultra sound last Wednesday.

The only way to confirm that I'm dialating is to do an internal exam. Because I have been ruptured for over 4 weeks, that is out of the question. An internal exam can open the door to infection and that is something we are trying to avoid.

So right now, we are waiting for labor to start so that I can go back on the magnesium sulfate to stop it. Since contractions can start days or even a week or two after dialating, it isn't good to start the medication until necessary. Magensium sulfate is great for stopping labor, but it also has it's drawbacks. It not only slows the uterine muscles, but it slows the heart muscles for both me and Matthew and has some awful side effects.

I am also eagerly awaiting my betamethazone shot, <- dripping with sarcasm in case you didn't get it. I also found out that *joy* because I had my rhogam shot SO early because we thought we would deliver 4 weeks ago, I get to have that again today :( I'm going to be one sore mama!

Today is definatly going to be an owie day. But, it's only one day right?

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