Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Sometimes, it's hard to believe that over 5 weeks have passed since I was first admitted to the antipardum section of the hospital to have all of my plans for a fun summer and easy pregnancy slashed in half!

I've been trying really hard to stay busy and since I like to pay attention to detail and I like to have things done WAY in advance, it hasn't been too hard.

I can pretty much guarantee that Kaitlyn will be spoiled rotten when I finally get to go home. I want to be sure to make up for all the time I've been here and her world being turned upside down. I want to get as much fun stuff in with Mommy and Daddy before RSV season hits and we go into hiding. (This website has a lot of great information if anyone wants to read it: And really, I can't wait for the State Fair and I would honestly love to take a day trip to Great America, or Santa Cruz or Monterey, depending on how things are going.

With the idea that I'll make it to August, Kaitlyn will start school right after I go home L While she's really excited, I'm sure it'll be a really hard adjustment. Grandma is going to take Kaitlyn on Saturday to have some "ready for school" pictures of the big girl! I'm sure she's going to have a blast!

I'm sure after my first couple days home, I'm going to be putting together Matthew's nursery. I'm sure it'll be fast and fairly easy since I already know exactly what I want. I have the perfect vision in my mind and it'll be fun. I'm sure even Kaitlyn will enjoy helping me paint J

Even if we make it to mid August, Matthew will still be a preemie and be easily susceptible to diseases. The simple colds that we get and shake off, or full-term infants get and get over could result in hospitalization or worse for a preemie. So, we know and are prepared for the fact that beginning in October/November and lasting until Spring, we'll be in seclusion to protect him.

I have been able to plan nearly all the details for Kaitlyn's birthday party. Kaitlyn is having a "vintage" carnival party with a Disney emphasis. I've been able to plan all of the details including the fun favors (goldfish anyone) and find the perfect pony rides to be there. The only thing I haven't fallen in love with yet is her outfit. But, I have a pretty good idea of what I want and chances are I'll make it. I've also had to put thought into the fact that Kaitlyn's birthday does fall in line with RSV season, so Matthew will probably not be at the party. I've already come up with a plan for Matthew J All I have to do is decide between a cake or the cutest cupcake set up I've ever seen!

I've already started my Christmas shopping list. I was thinking I would start shopping and have a lot done before I go home, but I'm not good at keeping things from people for that long lol! So, I figure if I already have a good idea of who I'm buying for and what I'm buying I could easily have it done by October/November.

And of course, since our August trip to Disney isn't going to happen, I've been really excited about planning it for April. The weather will be nice, it shouldn't be too crowded and I know Kaitlyn will have a blast. I'm sure even Matthew will enjoy it since he should be 8 months old (6 months adjusted) and I'm sure Kaitlyn will have taught him all about Mickey and Minnie by then. Grandma and Grandpa are going and Auntie Christina and Uncle Brian are probably going and Auntie Sammie and Uncle Davey said they might even bless us with their presence J While we're there we even get to go to Universal Studios and pay ET a visit! The only problem is, I've picked out way too many ideas for outfits for Kaitlyn lol!

And I had really started to slack on sending out pictures. They sat in my wink flash cart since Easter, so I finally got those all ordered and separated and sent out. As soon as the 4th of July pictures of Kaitlyn and Camaryn are scanned, I'll be able to order and send those out too!

So luckily, the internet, word processor and spreadsheet have all become my best friends. I get to be organized and accomplish things while I'm here which is really nice. So I am proud to say that I've stayed busy and have not yet lost my mind :P Plus I do have 2 baby websites that I love updating as often as possible, another website I get to update with joy and a myspace that I can "pretty" up on a regular basis.

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