Friday, July 20, 2007



So today was bas..cally the same as yesterday. ..'m st..ll a b..t, my blood pressure ..s st..ll elevated and my heart rate ..s st..ll .. st..ll have a lot of pa..n and d..scomfort.

But, ..'m st..ll pregnant :)

Today ..s the last day of our 6th week here. ..t also ends the 4th day of the 30th week. Matthew ..s st..ll good and ..s well.

.. d..d get a lot accompl..shed today. .. have Matthew's announcements made so all .. have to do ..s ..nsert the p..ctures when he's born and have them pr..nted. .. also started on Ka..tlyn's outf..t for the baby shower next Saturday. .. have her sh..rt 1/2 done, her bows done, her belt done and started on the shoes and pants :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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