Thursday, October 14, 2010

A welcomed surprise

So, I LOVE getting mail.  Most mail, obviously bills and junk mail are not even close to my favorite thing lol.  But, I LOVE getting other mail.  I stalk the mailbox waiting for the mailman to drop things in it.

I've ordered a lot of things from Etsy this pregnancy.  I just absolutely love that site.  Most things have come pretty quickly, but a few have taken a couple months to get to us, which wasn't really a big deal since I ordered things far before she would even be here to enjoy them.

Anywho, today has been a not so fun day.  I spent most of the day volunteering in Kaitlyn's classroom.  Normally I do an hour on Tuesday and an hour on Thursday to help with their reading groups and that's it.  But Kaitlyn really wanted me to help with Apple Day at her school today and since I'm a sucker for making her happy, I sucked it up and went in.  All day.  From 9 AM to 3 PM.  It was exhausting.  Not all kids are as well behaved as I'd like them to be and seriously by 2, I was over it.  I knew I had reached my limit and since Samantha started kicking like crazy I have a feeling she had heard enough too ;)

Then, a talk with our pediatrician revealed that we will not be sent home with an apnea monitor for Samantha because he really doesn't think it is necessary and will cause more frustration than anything else.  And reminded me that this pregnancy is so much more different than Matthew's and therefore she is at much less of a risk of falling victim to SIDS. 

So, that was my day, a bit of disappointment, an incredibly sore back, exhausted and a headache to boot.  AND, since we have a central locking mailbox, I normally drive to it on my way home from picking up Kaitlyn, when I did just that today, it was empty!  No mail yet!  Grrr!!

I decided to get home, have some milk, watch House on and relax.  Then, I needed to take out some recycling and decided to get the mail.  And there was a surprise...

The return address was for a boutique that didn't sound familiar.  I tried racking my brain of things I may have bought and forgot about, but I couldn't come up with anything.  Even though the walk is maybe a minute I managed to open it before I got in the door.  And seriously, it was the cutest stuff I have seen in forever!!

And some cute baby leg warmers!!  LOVE it!  And imagine my surprise when the cards inside showed that my cousin's wife had created these and sells them in her etsy store!

SnuggleBug Baby Boutique  CHECK it out!  I couldn't find a single thing in her shop that I didn't oooohhh and awwweee over!  Not to mention, I've been searching for something cutesy for them to wear for Christmas card pictures and this is perfect! 

And really, it's amazing what a thoughtful surprise can do to change your mood of the day...

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