Wednesday, October 20, 2010

36 week appointment

Hello to 36 weeks and 3 days!!  Good-bye to premature or preterm delivery!

Today I had my last p17 shot!  YAY!!  I don't know who was more excited, me or my doctor!  After my appointment I could hear him telling the good news to more than one person :).  We are now out of the NICU woods and are on our way to a healthy, full term delivery and that is an AWESOME feeling.

The appointment started as all the other ones, weight check (+1 pound from last week, YAY me!), blood pressure check (100/60), another yay me!, my LAST progesterone shot.  Woo-Hoo!  Fundal height check, another good one, baby heart beat check (144 bpm), another yay!  And tonight I get to take my last and final baby aspirin during pregnancy!

Then, the uncomfortable cervix check.  My cervix hasn't done anything yet.  Boo.  But, he didn't expect it to be any different.  Baby is still a little high up and has more dropping to do.  While it isn't necessary for baby to drop prior to delivery after your first baby, it helps.  So, starting this week I can start walking as much as I feel comfortable walking, doing squats and lunges, using the exercise ball and all that good stuff to help her make her way into her birth canal.

My OB agreed that most women go into labor 9-10 days after their last p17 shot, which puts us at next Friday/Saturday.  Of course, it isn't an exact science, a promise or a guarantee that I will go into labor at that point, but the odds are in our favor.  Of course, it's also harder to know what our case will do since I don't have a history of pre-term labor, I have a history of my water breaking in the middle of the night far too early.  So, who knows what will happen.  And, if I have not gone into labor by my appointment in 2 weeks we go to the calendar and pick Miss Samantha's birthday with a planned cesarean. 

So, all in all, a great appointment.  And we're thisclose to meeting our full term and healthy baby girl.

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Jen said...

sounds like a wonderful appointment!