Thursday, October 14, 2010

If you knew...

If you knew today was the last day you had to spend with your little one, what would you do different?  Would you hold them a little tighter?  Would you smother them with a few more kisses?  Would your hugs last a little longer?  Would you show a little more patience?  Spend more time on the floor at their level?  Talk to them more about their dreams and their thoughts?  Work harder to create more memories?  Have quality time with them?  Read them their favorite story just one more time?  Sing their favorite song with them as loud as you can? 

Sadly, we don't live in a Utopia.  We haven't created an Earth yet where tomorrow is promised and there is no longer a need for small caskets or baby urns.  It's horrible, gut wrenching, morbid and absolutely heart breaking.  But every day babies and children are ripped from the arms of caring, loving parents who would undoubtedly put their lives on the line to save their children from leaving this world before them.  Babies die for no apparent reason no matter how hard their parents fought for them or how much they sacrificed for them, how strongly they loved them or how well they cared for them.   Children are forced to battle diseases many adults cannot overcome as their parents sit at their bedside praying as hard as they can, begging and pleading for just one more day.  Far too often tragedy strikes and parents are faced with the ordeal of making funeral arrangements and burial plans for a child that they loved with everything that they are. 

Three years ago today we had no knowledge that it was our last day with Matthew.  We had no idea, no one to tell us, no way of knowing that our hopes and dreams were about to come crashing down, the life that we knew was over and we would never be the same again.  We didn't know that the days following this day would be the darkest we would face and we would be put in the position of telling our son good-bye and preparing for him to be put in his final resting place.  We were fortunate that this day was a good day. 

Children are this amazing blessing, a miracle that we create, be it physically or through providing a nurturing home and environment.  And far too often that blessing is taken for granted.  No one ever said that tomorrow has to be here with everyone in it.  It was never promised to us, yet we take for granted that the sun will come up, and we will go about our lives the same as we did the day before. 

If you knew tomorrow the sun would not rise as it has and your life would be forever altered, would you be happy with how today went?  If you don't feel as though you can close your eyes tonight and go to bed knowing that today you showed those you love how much you care and showed gratitude for all that you have been blessed with, the day is not yet over.  There is still time.

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