Wednesday, October 13, 2010

35 week appointment

And it went well!  Aside from that whole running 45 minutes part. 

According to the doctor's scale I've lost 1/2 lb since last week.  My scale shows I've gained 1 since last week.  But, they said they don't care about my scale since I get weighed there are the same time of day, same part of the week, each and every week.  So, I've been instructed to eat more!  As if I could.

My blood pressure was great again, 100/60.  My belly is measuring great, she was still moving like crazy and had a great heartbeat.  He was surprised by how much she is still moving considering how big she is.  I did my group B test and should have the results back at my next appointment.  I also got all of my pre-registration paperwork for the hospital and the form to fill out for her birth certificate. 

And of course, I don't know who is more excited that I got this far, me or the doctor!  He is so surprised and pleased that we were able to get passed the 35 week mark and he has no doubt that we'll skip the NICU all together this time even if we delivered today.  Our goal is to get passed Sunday and then we're golden!

After my appointment I had an appointment to get my dtap vaccine (prevent whooping cough and tetnus) in Roseville.  So, to pass the time I went to BRU and picked up some more diapers (yay to Alicia for the BRU coupons!) and a super sweet outfit.  Then the Carter's in the same parking lot.  And from there I headed to Target.  I picked up some more nursing bras and a few of the final little things we need for her arrival. 

And that's it really.  We go back in another week when we'll get our last p17 shot :)

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Lori said...

Glad it went well!!! Didn't know you could get that vaccine while pregnant--I watch a video whooping cough every time I go to my regular OB and wonder if I'm up-to-date and John assures me that I am, but honestly, I have no idea. I had a titre for MMR not too long ago, and had my tetanus booster two years ago but not sure about the whooping cough and told John I needed to do that ASAP after Luke was born just to be I'll ask my doctor about doing it before!

Can't wait to see her in the sweet little outfits you got!