Monday, October 4, 2010

34 weeks!

Holy Moly, within 6 weeks I will go from holding my princess inside of me and nurturnig her through a cord that connects us to holding her in my arms!  How amazing!!

How far along? 34 weeks!  We're sooo close!

Weight gain/loss: 39 pounds!  I have no idea how I'm up 3 from last week, I feel like I have NO appetite!
Maternity Clothes?  Every day :)
Stretch Marks?  The ones I thought I saw last week are gone, so I don't think so :)
Sleep? I'm not getting up as much, but I'm not sleeping that great either.
Best moment this week?  I survived Samantha's wedding :)
Food Cravings?  Milk.  And that's it really.
Belly Button, in or out?  Out, really out.
What I miss?  Bending at the waist, being able to stay up past 9, wearing my wedding ring, energy.
Weekly Wisdom? One moment it will feel like 12 weeks will never get here and then, in a blink of an eye, you're down to a month and a half before your due date!!  Find something to enjoy every day of it!!
Upcoming Appointments?  Wednesday is my 34 week appointment.  I'm hoping to get all the information I need to make a labor plan :)  I *might* be going in today as well.  It looks like Kaitlyn has pink eye and I've been exposed.  I am calling when the office opens to see what I should do.

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