Monday, October 18, 2010

Holy Moly What a day!

This morning started out like most others, I got Kaitlyn up and ready for school, got me ready for the day and added hot chocolate to the mix since the weather is finally a little cooler :)

Then I looked at the raggedy band-aid that has been on Kaitlyn's elbow since last Wednesday.  I touched it and she screamed.  Like always.  Since we had plenty of time, I decided to go to my friend, Dr. Google, and see if I could find painfree ways to remove a band-aid.  The suggestion I saw over and over again was to use vegetable (or any) oil to help loosen it.  It sounded like a genius idea, so I tried it.  According to Kaitlyn that suggestion was a bunch of bull because she still cried.  But, we got it off.

We also got a quick picture of her smile minus the tooth she "lost" yesterday.  And by lost, I mean Daddy ripped out so it would stop bothering her so much.  It earned her some squirming, crying and a $5 gift from the tooth fairy.  This morning she said "Mommy, isn't it nice that the tooth fairy gives money to little kids even when they run from their daddy's and scream when their tooth comes out and they don't deserve it?"

After Kaitlyn was dropped off at school, I came back home for a little while and tried out the exercise ball Dusty blew up for me Sunday night.  It was actually one of the most comfortable positions I've been in for a long time.  After a little while, I went and took Dusty some breakfast and then headed to Goore's.  It was actually the first time I've been too Goore's since I've been pregnant.  They have a ton of cute stuff but nothing screamed out at me.

I walked through Goore's for about an hour and then decided to go to Arden mall to walk.  Since I've been cleared to go back to my regular activities as of yesterday, I decided to take full advantage of it.  I walked the whole top level and went into every store that looked interesting.  I found two GORGEOUS Christmas dresses for Kaitlyn.  I'm going to have a hard time deciding.  I think I've found what I like for Samantha too, which is perfect for one dress if I can find the perfect sweater.  Otherwise I will have to find one that matches the other dress or start all over haha.  It seems so weird to be shopping for Christmas dresses already!

After walking the mall for a couple hours, I headed to Toys R Us to see if there was anything in the world I could possibly need before Samantha's arrival.  I couldn't find anything :(

Then, I went to CFA for some yummy, yummy lunch and let myself have an Iced Tea :)  I figure I'm on antibiotics for the remainder of the pregnancy anyways since the UTI will not clear up, I might as well have a treat once in a while.

After CFA I went to the post office and bought 120 stamps.  I needed 10 more to mail out Kaitlyn's invites, which I did, and I thought 110 would be enough to stamp all of the already addressed envelopes for announcements and Christmas cards.  I was wrong lol.  I need to go and get more, probably another book or so.

I picked up Kaitlyn about 20 minutes early from school so that she would make it to her appointment with Dr. Kono on time.  Kaitlyn started having cold like symptoms 3 weeks ago.  Which turned into pink eye, and while the pink eye cleared up easily, the remaining symptoms have only gotten worse.  Even though her tonsils and adenoids were removed to prevent sinus infections, it appears that she has another sinus infection.  She is on antibiotics for the next 10 days to try and clear it up.  Her next ENT appointment is in January.  We're going to watch her until then and see if she begins to get them chronically again or if she just got a cold that turned into bacteria and it was a fluke.  Fingers are crossed that she doesn't get another one.

From Kaitlyn's doctor's appointment we headed to Walmart.  I read a tip somewhere recently that before you go into labor you should be stocked up on things you know you'll need and won't want to run to the store for.  We had already done that in regards to diapers, wipes and stuff for the baby, but now we have enough toilet paper to last a couple months, detergent to get us through the new year, and a ton of snacks, goodies and easy to eat snacks and mini meals.  While I didn't love watching that receipt grow longer and longer and longer, it's good to know we won't need to go to the store for basics for a while.

All the walking and shopping I was absolutely exhausted.  After picking up Kaitlyn's prescription of antibiotics, I opted to get Bowinkles for dinner.  And I'm glad I did, it was delicious!  And stayed warm while I put away all of the groceries and got Kaitlyn set up.

My mom also had her 4th surgery today as part of her plan to beat breast cancer.  And so far, aside from all the icky feelings that surgery brings, all is well :)

While eating I was able to order all of the rest of the stuff for Kaitlyn's birthday party and now I'm beyond ready for bed...

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