Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pictures and Important Dates ;)

First, I just wanted to share that I uploaded every picture we have from 2004 - today onto our shutterfly share site.  There are also a couple of videos.  The cool thing is that you can order any pictures you want (I have a ton of cousins and friends from their birthday parties, holidays and events like that) or a CD of pictures or whatever really.  Email me if you need the link =)

Next, I know we are still in 2010, but I wanted to share the important dates that I know we have coming up for our family in 2011.

March for Babies - April 30, 2011  8:30 AM Sacramento:

As everyone knows this is an event that is really important to our family.  It our opportunity to share Matthew with the world and to do some good for other families in his name.  This will be our 4th year walking and one of only 2 times a year that we ask family to celebrate his life with us.  This year, instead of ordering shirts, the shirt designs will be on iron on transfers and then you can buy them for $5 (100% of that going to our team goal!) and buy your own shirt to put them on.  I'm torn on the color shirt, but we have time to decide :)  Be sure to sign up soon, you can start taking donations already.  Plus, I don't want to bother anyone that isn't planning on joining us, so I will ONLY use the email list they provide of walkers to keep people up to date:


Matthew's Balloon Release - August 6, 2011  11:00 AM:

Matthew's 4th birthday falls on a Saturday this year so we will be able to celebrate his birth and his life on his actual birthday.  We will have some cake, ice cream and food at our house after to continue his celebration of life.  We have not yet decided what balloon colors or theme we will use this year, normally we let Kaitlyn pick, and since it's quite a ways off, we will be waiting until closer to decide on those details.

Kaitlyn and Samantha's birthday party - November 12, 2011 2:00 PM

With their birthdays only 8 days apart, they will be sharing a party this year :)  The theme is tentatively going to be zebra and hot pink, YAY!  And we are hoping to have it at the Mooselodge again.  Of course, details will follow since it's 11 months away, but I want to give everyone a head's up since I know how quickly our calendars start to fill up as we keep adding kids, events and activities to our lives :P

I hope everyone had an AMAZING Christmas and is ready to celebrate a beautiful new year!!


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