Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Easiest Christmas Ever

I have a serious problem with over scheduling myself.  There were at least 6 months this year where we not only had plans every single weekend, back to back, but most of the days we were double booked.  We would have to rush to one event, leave it to rush to another.  Looking back on pictures, we created a lot of memories.  Last Christmas and all the ones since Kaitlyn's been born, we've done it all.  We saw Santa more than once, we headed up to Jackson to look at Christmas lights, we headed to Holiday at the Park, we went to Christmas Party after Christmas party, we had lunches, play dates, drives to look at Christmas lights, parades to go to and literally 90% of the events in my Sacramento Parent's magazine were marked and attended.

Not this year.

I am not a homebody.  I hate sitting still.  I like to be out doing something, exploring the world, making memories and taking the world by storm.  I figured if Kaitlyn did everything there was to do, she would have so many wonderful memories when she looked back on her childhood, she couldn't have a single complaint.  I hate missing out on things and always end up regretting anything we miss.

Not this year.

This year was different.  This year, we have a 6 week old (today!!) new little girl in the house.  And things changed.  We've seen Santa twice.  Once at the mall and once at the Moose Lodge Holiday party.  We've been to one kids Holiday party (should have been 2, but I got sick, boo!), we missed the parades, we missed Holiday in the Park (and while we did drive there are it was closed, normally I would scramble to fit another trip in before Christmas), we haven't been to the movies, we haven't been to the snow, we haven't been out to see the Christmas lights.  My poor husband who has been used to asking "what are the plans tonight" everyday for the past several years, year round, knowing how I am has been shocked to hear "nothing."

And, while I thought we would miss it all, and I felt guilt that Kaitlyn would be disappointed we didn't do it all.  So far, it's been really good.  We've spent more time at home, more time snuggling, more time singing, more time enjoying the newest member of the family, more quality time together and I have no complaints.

Maybe this is a permanent change for us?  Maybe I'm going to slow down, smell the roses more, make sure that we are focusing on the people that mean the most to us and not trying to squeeze every little thing in.  Maybe not?  Maybe it's all because Samantha is so young and I hate taking her in public?  Maybe it's because I'm just tired from interrupted sleep? 

Regardless of the reason, regardless of whether or not it's permanent, I'm going to enjoy and savor each and every moment of it all!


Tiffany said...

yes, savor it all...♥

AmandaB said...

Though going out and doing stuff is educational, memorable and fun. Staying home is not bad either. It saves $, gas, time, etc and sometimes the simplest things are the most fun. Like family movie night, game night, indoor camp out, etc. Enjoy the quiet and the time to engage with one another. I bet you anything Kaitlyn will remember those memories too.