Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life with a 3 week old

It's AMAZING how fast time is going!!  Seriously, while part of me feels like Samantha has been here forever and I cannot imagine life when she wasn't here, another part feels like "Holy Crap, how is this possible???"

But, here we are, with a 3 week old.  When Samantha woke up this morning, just looking around, happy as can be (and I think so close to smiling), she didn't look like a newborn anymore.  She looked like a baby.  Wide eyed, awake, alert and taking in the sunshine. 

Her weigh in last night was at 9 lbs, 2 oz!!  She's outgrown her newborn clothes, but looks so little in 0-3 month clothes.


Stephanie said...

I know it goes by fast!

maternity clothes said...

Welcome to the world baby. Every moment of our baby are simply awesome. We just love to stare at them when their at sleep and talk to them though they can't speak yet ;)