Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 months

Why hello there 32 weeks!

What a milestone!

We are 1 week away from passing how pregnant I was when Matthew was born.  We're one week closer to a full term baby.  After today's injection, I only have two more left.  I know I wasn't the only one excited about that when both nurses pointed it out in the hallway.  Today, I also received my flu shot.  So, basically the whole left side of my body is going to be sore now because of muscular injections.  I should have thought ahead and had my flu vaccine on the right side...

My appointment went well, uterine growth is great, heartbeat and blood pressure are both good, she's a moving and a shaking in there.  I've lost two pounds since my appointment two weeks ago, so I need to eat more.  Easier said than done.  I swear, heartburn has made absolutely everything sound disgusting and while I sometimes feel like I'm starving, a couple bites later I don't even want to look at more food.

This baby is really low.  At least she feels that way.  You can see her flip flop around in my belly, my skin pulled so tight that it feels like she is going to karate chop her way through it.  I think she might be a better sleeper than Samantha.  When I try to get her to move, she just kinda flips over and ignores me.  And when she's awake and active, she's active alright.

My symptoms are increasing.  I have to pee a whole lot more often.  My heartburn is worse than I ever imagined it could get.  Thank goodness for Zantac, Tums and Maalox.  And milk.  My feet are so not happy with me most days.  They swell so bad by mid afternoon.  I have a feeling I will be in flip flops until delivery day.  Everything else, regardless of the size gives me blisters.  And I'm exhausted.  All I want to do is have the luxury of taking a nap once in a while.  I would also settle for sleeping through the night.

The only thing I'm waiting for now is the assistant to call me and schedule Charlotte's delivery.  We're looking at the 21st or the 22nd of December.  I'm hoping more for the 21st and increasing the likelihood of going home before Christmas.

Only 55 days left until Christmas!

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LauraJane said...

You are an adorable pregnant lady. :) Congrats on 32 weeks- it seems like it has gone by so quickly!

I love your blog make-over, I must have missed that since I usually read from google reader.