Wednesday, October 10, 2012

That Desitin Bastard!

Last week, I set a goal for this week to get all the deep cleaning around the house done.  I wanted to clean all the ceilings fans frames, walls, baseboards, cupboards and the like in the three bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, dining room, kitchen, playroom and living room.  My original goal was to be done by tonight and clean the carpets and deep clean the tile floors tomorrow morning.  Then, I could go have lunch with a friend and be out of the house while it dries.

By today, I realized that while I was super proud of my progress, I wasn't going to be ready by tomorrow and I could just do the floors on Monday.

I had finished our room, the hallway, our room, playroom, bathrooms, dining room and kitchen.  The kitchen cupboards took WAY longer than I anticipated.  All I had left was the living room, Kaitlyn's room and Samantha's room.  I decided to wait until tomorrow and Friday to finish the rest of the rooms.  I was tired.  But, I loved how sparkly everything looked, so it was worth.

Then, after dinner, Samantha grabbed Kaitlyn's lemonade, took it into her room and dumped it all over her toddler bed and the floor.  So, I decided to work on Samantha's room.  I changed the bedding on both beds, cleaned the baseboards, did all the dusting, organizing and cleaning.  I got Samantha in her jammies and all ready for bed.

We're big on independent play.  So, usually, after Samantha's ready for bed, she plays in her room for about half an hour to read her books, play with her toys, sing to her dollies and so on.

Well, a couple hours ago, I was tired.  I was ready for bed.  I was getting ready to get off the computer and go put Samantha in bed when she came running out into the living room.  Covered in white from head to toe.  Thick.  Between her toes, in her ears, under her nails, in the strands of her hair, between her eyes, in her belly button, everywhere.  I carried her to the bathtub.  On the way, I saw parts of the damage.

Those pretty and clean dining room walls, the freshly cleaned hallway walls, all the doors, the door handles, her book case, her crib, her toddler bed, all of her dolls, her toy box bin, her dresser, her changing table, the clothes in her closet, her shoes, her bedding, her toys, her carpet, her curtains.  Everything.  It was all bright white.  Thick and bright white.  And greasy.  An entire tub of desitin had been clearly wiped along every freshly cleaned surface.

She's had a bath, with as much of it cleaned off of her as possible and every other surface cleaned like crazy.

Desitin is not my friend tonight.

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