Tuesday, October 9, 2012

29 weeks

As of today, we have officially hit the 29th week in pregnancy.  How awesome is that?

Only 11 weeks until Charlotte's due date and Christmas.  Only 10 weeks and 3 days until she should make her appearance.  Hopefully, 11 weeks from today we'll be at home celebrating Christmas morning with three little ones under the tree.

I haven't really had a lot of new symptoms.  I can feel her twist, kick, jump and punch during the day.  Her movements are a little slower, a little stronger and a little less frequent.  You can make out hands and feet a little more clearly. 

Heartburn is still there.  Slowly getting worse.  I'm fortunate that I'm carrying her so much lower than I did Samantha.  I'm sure if she was any higher, the heartburn would be even worse and then I might just cry several times throughout the day.  It does make me less excited about eating a lot of yummy food, but, my weight gain probably appreciates that.

I am up about 30 lbs. With Kaitlyn I only gained 25.  But, she was also only 7 lbs and 3 oz, I was younger, it was my most active pregnancy and I wasn't hungry a lot of the time.  With Matthew I gained a little over 50 and with Samantha I gained 40.  Considering I typically stop gaining and start losing around 36-37 weeks, I think I'll end up right under 40.  Maybe even less, one of the side effects of the p17 injections is increased hunger and weight gain.  This time I will stop them two weeks sooner.  Time will tell.

After today, I have 5 more p17 injections.  Then, I get one week where I shouldn't have to visit the doctor at all: week 35.  After that, I'll go back to every week.  I bet my gas tank will like that...

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