Monday, October 22, 2012

What a weekend

This weekend was boderline insane.  It makes me grateful that today is a nice rainy day, the first of the season, and I can spend a good chunk of it in sweats at home.

Some of it was just emotionally draining.  I guess the emotional draining part started on Wednesday.  Kaitlyn loves cheering.  But, she really wants to be a flyer.  She wants to be high in the air and have everyone look at her.  But, she is on the tall side, and while not even remotely close to overweight (50" and 57 lbs,  50% for height and 54% for weight with a BMI of 16, which is right in the middle of healthy), she is very muscular.  It's crazy to see her legs sometimes lol.  And since she is a taller girl on the team, it makes more sense for her to be a spotter than a flyer.  So, that has been her role.

Until Wednesday.  When she was told she *might* get to be a flyer in competition and they worked on the routine with her flying.  When she came home, she was beaming.  She has been practicing to be a flyer since she started cheering.  She does this by balancing on every tiny thing she can while doing cheers.  And she practices at school, which she got in trouble for. 

She was excited to go to practice, and then I picked her up.  As soon as we got in the car she started bawling.  Hysterically.  More than I had seen her do cry in a really, really long time.  Through the hiccups, "I can't breath" and loud sobs, I concluded that it turns out she would not be flying for competition.  She was ready to quit, she burst into tears as she ate and just wouldn't stop crying. 

On Friday, she was still upset about it, but also excited for the Fall Festival at her school that night.

We spent about an hour trying to get her make-up to look like Abbey Bominable from Monster High.  She wore the wig, her outfit, hated the new shoes I got her and refused to wear them and then I woke Samantha up about an hour and a half early from her nap.  I dressed her like the "warm" version of her cat costume.  She did not like sitting still for whisker application AT ALL.  I might try something different on Halloween to make it faster and easier.  And harder to rub off!

Up until photo time, Samantha's bow was tied lol.  And she refused to smile.  Or stand next to Kaitlyn.  She really wanted that extra hour and a half of sleeping...

Kaitlyn's fall festival was fun.  Crowded, but fun.  She ran off with a few different groups of friends a few times, and when they did the Mad Science show at the outdoor theater, she was picked to be a volunteer.  This year, she even went through the haunted house.  Last year, she didn't get to since the fog machines kept setting off the smoke detectors.  She was thrilled.

Saturday was an early morning.  She had her last regular game of the season for cheer.  The mapquest flyer that was handed out said it would take 29 minutes to get there, so I left 35 minutes before that.  I should have looked at my own maps before assuming it would only take half hour to get there.  Instead of arriving at 10:15, we were there at 10:35.  I HATE being late.  Hate it.  It made me feel a little better that we won't the last, or even close to it, but still.

The game was a hot mess on some levels.  The kids all played and cheered their hearts out and did awesome.  Some of the parents lacked the ability (in my opinion) to remain calm and teach their children good sportsmanship.  The yelling, cussing and booing was disheartening to say the least. 

But, Kaitlyn was thrilled because she was able to be a flyer during half time.  She did great.  She had a blast, smiled and it was a good game.

We headed to the mall to get Kaitlyn some jeans (which irritated her since she hates trying on clothes and on Sunday, announced she hates jeans) before the rain started and headed home. 

We met Dusty at home and prepared to head to his parents for dinner that night.  We try to go to each of our parents once a week, family bonds with the girls are super important to both of us.  Sunday dinner is done with my parents and siblings and we typically go to Dusty's on Fridays, but sometimes Saturdays if there is an event on Friday.

On the way, Dusty wanted to visit Big 5 and check out their ammo sale, so we went a slightly different way.  We were going straight on  a popular street, in the far left lane.  A car decided to turn right on a red light as we crossed the intersection.  Instead of turning into the right lane, or the middle lane, he went at full speed into our lane.  I laid on the horn and slammed on the brakes.  He finally noticed us and swerved out of the way after hitting our mirror.  Then, took off flying down the street.  We followed to get his license plate number.  After several blocks he pulled over.

I asked him for his insurance and license information.  He became irate and said "these things happen, I didn't even hit you."  I argued that he did hit the mirror and he replied that it didn't count.  I tried remaining calm, but firmly stated I wanted the information.  Dusty backed me up.  He asked us to follow him to his house since he didn't have anything to take our information down with.  I refused.  For obvious reasons.  Kaitlyn by this point was crying.  I offered a pen and paper.  Samantha is freaking out.  Dusty has calmed down and that guy was being a major jerk and just kept arguing.  If there is one thing I've learned in life it's that if you argue with a fool, bystanders would have a hard time distinguishing who the fool was.  After being questioned if I was wearing restrictive lenses (I wear contacts) and explaining I was, it's how I saw him hit us!!  Um, duh?  I informed him there was no point in continuing a conversation.  Write down the information, give back my documents or I could call the police and report a hit and run.  Eventually we were able to go on our ways.  Of course, with Kaitlyn crying and explaining what a jerk he was and how bad he could have hurt Samantha and daddy. 

We went to Big 5, saw the sale was nothing impressive and went on our way.  Of course, Samantha screamed about getting back in the car and Dusty had to pretty much force it.  :(

The rest of the night consisted of owies, yummy food, and Kaitlyn being emotional.  A game of Yahtzee seemed to take her mind off things for at least a little while though.

Sunday morning started before the sun.  Kaitlyn was not even remotely close to happy about the idea of getting up early.  Neither was Samantha, but by 7:10 (and only 10 minutes later than I had hoped for), we were in the car ready to go to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.  Considering how warm it has been lately, it was chilly.  And cloudy.  Kaitlyn sported some bright pink hair, and Samantha wore a warm pink jacket over her outfit.  She napped maybe 10 minutes out of the whole ride.

After, we went to a late breakfast, where Samantha threw her milk at the floor.  She was upset it wasn't a "Cold Hot Chocolate" and no amount of whipped cream was going to convince her it was ok lol.

I wish I could say naps were in the cards for everyone after, but everyone refused.  I didn't refuse, but I didn't have much choice...

I did help Dusty with the gutters and down spouts though, so we were super prepared for the rain!

We enjoyed dinner at my parents' house, where Samantha fell asleep literally 2 minutes from arriving at their front door.  She slept through most of the visit, all of dinner and only woke up after being forced too...  We did get to watch the Giant's game, which was exciting.  We've watched nearly every game since 2009 (Dusty watched a lot longer than I did lol).  The last time they won the world series, I was pregnant with Samantha, here I am pregnant with another little girl as they prepare to go again.  How awesome is that?

By the time we got home, I was exhausted with a terrible headache.  I managed to watch The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire with Dusty before going to bed.  And when my head hit the pillow, I slept so good for at least a few hours before waking up every hour or so.

Tomorrow we hit 31 weeks!  Woo Hoo!  I will get my 16th p17 injection!  Which will leave me with only 3 more.  Woo Hoo!  Only 9 weeks and 1 day until Christmas and her due date!

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