Tuesday, October 2, 2012

28 weeks- "Out of the woods"

Today, I had my 28 week perinatologist appointment.  And, I am officially 28 weeks and in the third trimester.  Woo-Hoo!

This week has been horrific when it comes to actually having appointments.  Yesterday I was supposed to have my 28 week OB appointment complete with p17 and rhogam injections.  As I pulled into the parking lot my phone rang to say my doctor was called into emergency surgery and my appointment was cancelled.  They offered to schedule me instead with another doctor in the practice.  But, since I like my blood pressure to not be through the roof, I declined.  I requested to just have the injections and be done and over with it.

Once I finished my injections, I attempted to schedule my next appointment.  I explained I would rather not schedule a 28 week appointment for next week because it would screw up all my weeks.  I would much rather just skip it (knowing I had a peri appointment today) and schedule a 30 week appointment.  The receptionist tried to explain that you go every 4 weeks until 36 weeks, then you go every 2 weeks.  I told her she was wrong.  At 28 weeks it goes to every 2 weeks and at 36 weeks it goes to weekly.  She argued.  I smiled.  She got a total attitude and with the snottiest tone of voice said we should just do what I want since that is all that will make me happy.  I'm glad she's learned...  And I have a 30 week appointment.  Hopefully at this appointment we will officially schedule my cesarean and know more details.  And, I only have 6 more p17 shots.

After that headache, I expected today's appointment to be nice and easy to make up for it.  It's the first ultrasound appointment Dusty has been able to attend and I was told we'd do a fun 3D part since it would hopefully be my last appointment.  Nope.  We got there and I had never seen the waiting room so full.  I asked if there was a long wait, the receptionist informed me that a machine broke and they were backed up.  Nice.

I was surprised to only have to wait 20 minutes past my time.  That's my normal wait time.  I was disappointed when I went into a room with a portable machine that doesn't offer 3D and has the most uncomfortable chair/table for me to lay on. 

I know and I preach that the point of ultrasounds is not for fun of it.  It is a diagnostic tool and used for medical screening and ensuring that our little girl is doing well.  But, I also know that this office respects how stressful high risk pregnancies are and does what they can to help with the bonding experience.  We have not gotten a single halfway decent photo of this little one, she's stubborn as can be.  And this time her face was finally not snuggled up to the placenta, so I had hope.  But, she would not turn to face the wand.  :(  So, we have a lot of "zombie baby" ultrasound pictures that creep even Kaitlyn out...

My appointment went pretty darn good as far as all the health stuff went.  Our main concerns are my cervix: we want to be sure that it is long and strong to help keep her in! and growth: because of the blood clotting disorder we want to be sure we do not need to make any changes to medication to help her thrive.

My cervix goal was 3 cm.  Just the "mucous plug" measured over 4.5 cm.  The cervix extended past that.  My doctor (and my favorite one was on today) strongly believes that we should easily get to 32-34 weeks with the p17 injections!  Which would be awesome.  He still suggests we stop them at 34 weeks, but expects we'll likely have a repeat cesarean.

For fetal weight, our goal was 2 lbs 3 oz.  That is about average for a 28 weeker.  Charlotte measured at 2 lbs 15 oz!!  Nearly a whole pound bigger than average.  Even if the ultrasound is off by .5 lb, she's still measuring large.  Let's just hope it isn't off by .5 lb the other way...  She averages the size of a 29w5d baby.

So, our peri said we're likely "out of the woods" which I know doesn't mean anything, but at the same time means so much.  She's large enough where he said if we were contemplating a vaginal delivery, he would suggest we return in a few weeks to check her growth.  And I was asked a few times to be sure I had done my gestational diabetes test.  I did and I passed.  She just likes to grow...

Only 83 more days until Christmas and this little girl should be cozy in our arms!

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