Tuesday, October 16, 2012

30 weeks

This is it, after today, I can count down how much longer to my due date in single digit weeks.  Tomorrow, I will be 9 weeks and 6 days from her EDD.

I had my 30 week appointment today.  I didn't look forward to it.  I had such horrific cramping yesterday, last night and this morning I very nearly went to Labor and Delivery to get checked out first.  But, I know that I had an appointment this morning and I knew I would be in L&D forever, and I knew it was most likely normal.

My weight gain is at exactly 30 pounds.  Which means I probably won't hit 40.  I bet I'll stay around 35 lbs.  Which, would be less than Samantha and Matthew and more than Kaitlyn.  It sure does feel like a lot more than that. 

Just to be sure the cramps were not doing anything productive as far as the cervix goes, I had a cervical check.  All was normal and the same.  The doctor believes that this is just a bigger baby than my body is used to at this point and I have a lot of scar tissue, not to mention she is ridiculously active.  You can see body parts sticking out all over the place.  So, it's likely going to be a painful remainder, but that's ok.  It's far better than having a premature baby or being stuck in the hospital on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy.

I had my p17 shot today.  I need to get a flu shot still and a whooping cough vaccine in the next two weeks.  I only have 4 more p17 injections remaining!!  Woo-Hoo!

Yesterday was Matthew's angel day.  We let Kaitlyn stay home from school and Dusty stayed home from work.  While Samantha and I went to pick up some Fall and Halloween decorations to take to the cemetery, Dusty and Kaitlyn went to the movies to see FrankenWeenie.  When they got there, Kaitlyn had a change of heart and decided she would rather see Hotel Transylvania.   Kaitlyn loved it, Dusty wouldn't give it such high praise.

Once we were all home, we headed to the cemetery to decorate. Kaitlyn was excited to help.  Samantha doesn't get it.  And I wouldn't really expect her to.  I mean, it's hard enough for her to grasp the idea that when I'm talking about "the baby" it isn't her, it's the little on in my belly.  I think she thinks I'm just fat ;)  While we talk about Matthew to her and she can say it pretty good, I wouldn't expect her to understand at this age.  What she understands is that there are lots of toys and pumpkins at the cemetery and she isn't allowed to play with them.  Which, led to lots of tears.  I'm sure her not feeling good and skipping her nap didn't help...

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