Sunday, September 30, 2012

The end of September

I can't believe that after today September will be over.

For some reason, September still screams summer to me.  I know the first day of fall has passed, but, even after it passed, we experienced temperatures in the upper 90s.  And that does not scream fall to me.  Something about just knowing it's October says that the end of the year is on it's way.  Fall is here, hot or not.  It's time for pumpkins and baking and warm snuggly nights.  I cannot wait.  It also means that in less than 11 weeks we will welcome our fourth child into the family.  There is just one more season until our family officially grows again.

Holy Moly.

September has been busy.  I've developed a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine and am just a couple of projects away from putting it up for a bit and taking a break from trying to squeeze behind it.  I've completed a wedding renewal dress, 2 baby blankets, one cotton and minky and one silky and minky, 2 nursing covers, 4 pinafores for Samantha, 2 skirts for Kaitlyn, Samantha's birthday shirt, a tie onesie, a cape, a pretty onesie for Charlotte, a couple of "Knights" shirts for cheer, and I'm working on some Halloween outfits for the girls.  I'm debating if I want to attempt a new type of quilt for Charlotte.  In reality, the last thing we need around here is another blanket, but I think I really want to try this method...

Kaitlyn has completed a full month of school, a full month of cheer with games, and found her "stride" her in schedule.  We've been working a lot on empathy and honesty.  We've been trying to remind her of what I feel is one of the most important lesson I think everyone in the world should know: "You can never control the actions of others, you can only control your reaction."  And, as she enters the world of third graders the whole "keep your mouth shut until you could to ten and then speak" rule.

Samantha has grown by leaps in bounds this month.  She is stinking hysterical.  She gets mad and crosses her arms and sticks out her bottom lip.  Or, she throws something and then crosses her arms.  She is a screecher.  If you do not react fast enough she will screech it to you.  She's terrified of most things Halloween, which has me worried for Halloween this year. 

This week is going to be busy, and most likely fly by.  I have a couple of doctor's appointments, cheer is going to start earlier this week, we have a home game and are hoping to watch our niece's home game as well, I need to take the girls' pictures for their invitations, print them and get them mailed.  And pick up any last minute things I need for those parties.  This year, they are way scaled back. 

While I have no desire at all to decorate for fall, I am so anxious to start decorating for Christmas.  Samantha's room transformation to just her room to Samantha and Charlotte's room is nearly complete. 

Good-bye Summer, Hello Fall!

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