Monday, January 3, 2011

The internet is simply amazing

I mean think about what it is today compared to what it was 10 years ago, even 5 years ago or even last year.  There is this never ending wealth of information available at our fingertips.  Never before have we had the ability to be so knowledgeable about EVERYTHING in the world.  We can email our doctors, pay all of our bills on the couch without so much as an ink pen, do all of our DMV crap in our pajamas, correspond with long lost friends without any of the awkwardness of running into each other at the grocery store on the day you decide you must stock up on toilet paper,  we can do anything, know anything, and research anything.  Granted, that isn't always a good thing and for some it's a terrible thing, but it is absolutely amazing.

This past weekend we were told of a family we are close to having their lives changed in an instant.  While it isn't my place to tell their story here, I wanted to share with you how the internet played a roll in my actions.

When Matthew passed away, there were many well intended people with big hearts who loved us, cared about us, and wanted the best for us say the wrong thing, without realizing it or meaning to, who ripped our heart out of our chests.  I know their intentions were pure, I know they were struggling for the right words, and I would never hold it against them.  But, that sting was still there.  It was like when you crack your windshield.  Sure, there is a big, gigantic crack in the middle that draws your attention, blocks your view and creates a huge hazard, but there are also those little cracks that splinter off, while they may not be causing the same damage as the huge center crack, they aren't helping either, they are still cracks.  I didn't want to be a crack.

And thanks to the internet, I don't have to be a crack.  I can learn so much about a situation I have never been in or been close to.

And that, is simply amazing.

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Klare Family said...


HI. I just saw that you were new on my blog, and I thought I would check your blog out. My heart aches for the loss of baby Matthew. It's amazing how much a baby can give to us mom's in such a short little time. You are a strong mother. I just want to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Luci Klare