Monday, January 17, 2011

Cloth Diapers - Day 2

And what a much better day it was!

I started the first diaper of the day with a cloth diaper.  She woke up at 9 smiley and ready to go.  At 10:45, I was ready to head out and get some parts at Kragan's for Dusty and she had JUST fallen asleep.  I debated and debated.  Should I feed her and change her now?  Wake her up and risk her screaming the entire time I'm gone because Daddy is working on the car and Kaitlyn's lovely voice will only entertain her for so long?  I couldn't take her with me because all of her car seat components were in the washing machine (along with her bassinet mattress, bouncer covers and swing cover) and I couldn't put her in the swing.  What to do, what to do?

I opted to let her sleep.  She was so peaceful and I knew she needed the sleep and I would be back in no more than 45 minutes.

I got back in 29 minutes and she wasn't asleep.  She was awake.  And crying.  Loudly.  According to Dusty, Kaitlyn woke her up and while she was fine at first, in the final few minutes she was fed up with being offered only a pacifier.  Dusty had changed her, he said she was soaking wet and the diaper was heavy, BUT it did not leak.  Anywhere.  YAY!!!  But, I also hadn't shown him how to put on the cloth, she was fussing and he isn't a big diaper changer anyhow, so she had a disposable on.

She ate, played a little while and fell back asleep.  The diaper was still dry, so I figured, why waste it?  And maybe it'll catch her poo of the day?  That would be awesome!

At about 1:15 she was up again, hungry and ready to be changed.  This time, we went to cloth!  She ate, played a bit and took her third nap of the day.  At 3:20 I had to get her dressed and ready to go.  I changed her again, and not a leak.  We headed out for a birthday party for a friend and she did great.  At 5:15, I made sure to change her before she ate.  Again, not a leak.  After I fed her, I saw the face, I felt the rumble and she had pooped.  It really wasn't that bad to be honest.  It was about 6:00.

We left, I went and picked up Dusty to head to my sister's for Sunday dinner and to work on wedding stuff.  We got there around 7:00.  I changed her again around 7:30 before feeding her and still not a leak.  We got home a little after 10, changed her again and no leaks!

I did put her in a disposable at bed time.  I want to be confident in no leaks before trying to get comfortable with that!

However, she did eat at 10:15 PM.  Look around and smile and play in her co-sleeper, giggling and talking up a storm before she went to sleep at 10:45.  Then, I had to wake her up at 6:00 to eat.  She went over 7 hours sleeping.  Then, after nursing she was back to sleep and is still asleep.  I have to get her up soon though to eat and be changed before we head over to the peds office for her 2 month check up.

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