Monday, January 31, 2011

Aw Nuts

Let me tell ya, there are plenty of opportunities in life where the phrase "aw nuts" is perfectly acceptable to point out disappointment or disdain with something in life.  I would bet there are thousands of opportunities.  You know, you lock yourself out of the house, you step in a big puddle, you forget to tuck your tag in, you lose the back of an earring and on and on and on.  It is not acceptable to say "aw nuts" in response to someone informing you their son isn't at this appointment because he passed away.  It just simply isn't an ok response.

Shall we take it from the top?

As you may know from previous posts, Kaitlyn was having some serious migraine issues.  She had an MRI last spring that showed her sinuses were all completely filled and inflamed.  It also showed an unrelated cyst on her brain that will be reevaluated in 3-5 years.  The neurologist sent us to an ENT doctor.  The ENT doctor thought it was for sure allergies, she's been treated for them since she was 2, and it is probably just not being treated well enough.  He sent us to an allergist and said he would follow up.  We went to the Allergist, Kaitlyn completed the annoying and itchy allergy test.  Guess who wasn't allergic to ANYTHING??  That's right, Kaitlyn.  The allergist thought it could be reflux, cystic fibrosis or her tonsils.  She went on pepcid and was ordered a sodium chloride test to rule out cystic fibrosis and sent back to the ENT for her tonils.  Pepcid did not help.  I never once believed it could be cystic fibrosis, but we were scheduled for the test regardless.  We showed up for our scheduled test downtown and after being there for an hour, they could not locate the materials they need for the test.  Fabulous.  We went home, they rescheduled.  We went again, and again they could not find the material for the test.  The ENT had enough and out came her tonsils and adenoids.  Never thought about the test again.  Until Friday.  When the allergist's assistant called.  Kaitlyn has had a sinus infection since the removal of her tonsils.  Which means the surgery may not have been effective.  If we wanted insurance to continue to cover treatment for future sinus infections, we had to have the test done.  I told them fine, but it could be scheduled for school time. And if they aren't ready for us while we're there, I would literally explode.  They scheduled us for 9 AM Saturday morning.  Cue to Saturday ;)

We sign in for the test.  The elderly nurse we have the appointment went is incredibly nice.  She's friendly, she's telling Kaitlyn all the reasons she doesn't need to be nervous and explaining how the test was going to work.  They put gelatin disks on Kaitlyn's forearm and have an electrode like device on top of it to stimulate the muscles underneath to force sweat to come to the surface.  The electrode is aggravating, so she is talking to Kaitlyn for the 5 minutes it takes for the test to work.  She asks about the baby in the stroller, Kaitlyn tells her all about Samantha, who is starting to wake up.  She goes on to tell us about how her daughter grew up with 4 brothers and was so excited to have two girls.  She loves being a mom to sisters, has no desire for anymore and they have such a great time together.  The nurse keeps talking to Kaitlyn about this.  Chatty McKaitlyn tells her that she has a brother and a sister.  The nurse asks me where my son is, is he older?  Did he get to stay home.  I respond with "he passed away 3 years ago to SIDS."  She replied "aw nuts."

"Aw Nuts"

Seriously lady?  She then began to talk about how she lost one of her sons in a car accident a few years ago and tells me about some poems she has read that puts life and time into perspective.  She was quite kind after the deafening silence that followed her statement.  And while I'm sure she meant no harm by it, it's a comment that I couldn't find a reaction for.

In the end, Kaitlyn sweat up a storm, the nurse ran the labs while we waited and Kaitlyn does not have cystic fibrosis.

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