Friday, January 7, 2011

I turned $17 and an hour of my time into...


It started with my obsession with Etsy, my desire not to spend a fortune on things that can only be worn and enjoyed for a very short period of time and this stuff from my local walmart:

Some material hasn't even been used it, I still have almost all of the paint, enough elastic to do at least 10 more headbands, enough paint (I didn't want to use puffy paint, but it was the only fabric paint they had, so I made due) to do 2-4 more onesies, a whole fabric piece that got moved to the scrap bin, and enough fabric scraps left to make at least another 20-25 fabric flowers of either design.  Plus, I'm only 1/2 way done with the third onesie set.  But, the embroidery floss I had was too thick, so I need more.  If you break it down, each set cost me about $3.  Not too shabby!

 Plus, the flowers on the shirts, I put on pins so I can put them on anything when she outgrows the onesies.  And, I hand stitched the elastic on the headbands because I hate glue on the head, made a pocked on the back of the headband flowers, so I can change out the elastic when she outgrows it OR put it on a barrette!

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Anonymous said...

Those are really good. Are you going to start selling on Etsy instead of buying?