Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy 2 months Samantha!

If someone could please tell me where the last two months went, I would greatly appreciate it!

Samantha is already 2 months old!  I measured her this morning and she was at:

weight: 11 lbs 10 ounces - up 2 lbs 13 ounces since birth - 50 percentile

length: 22.75 inches - up 2.5 inches since birth - 50 percentile

Samantha LOVES to smile!  She does it all the time.  She thinks her daddy and big sister are hilarious.  Samantha is greeted every morning by Kaitlyn and just smiles and laughs and coos at her.  Kaitlyn swears she is cooing Hello just to her.  She loves playing super baby with daddy and her bib makes the best super hero cape ever.  She is just simply a happy baby.

Samantha is still in 0-3 month clothing, but her torso is getting so long that it's getting harder to snap her clothes.  I think she'll easily be in 3-6 month closing by the end of the month.  She is in size 1 shoes and has just moved up to size 2 diapers.  However, by the end of the month, her cloth diapers should be here and ready to be used!  Her eyes are big and brown, her hair is mostly still there and has lightened some with some gold and red in there.  Her lashes have gotten so long and she has developed some super cute fat rolls on her legs. 

Samantha is a good sleeper too.  Up until the last day or two she has loved being swaddled.  Now, she is starting to sleep just as good with her arms undone.  She normally gives me one 3 1/2 hour stretch from 11 pm to 2:30 AM, then is up every 2 hours after that.  We have had a few nights where she went 5 hours and then 4 hours.  She wakes up to eat, is done in 8-10 minutes and back to sleep instantly.  She is still in the co-sleeper, still 100% breast-fed (we're going to hold off on solids until 5-6 months), and really only cried when she is hungry or has a dirty diaper. 

We are truly blessed.


Christina said...

She is precious!

Did you buy or make her little shirt? I want to take weekly pictures of my baby, but was going to just photoshop the age on a white onesie. But, the one she is wearing is darling, I might have to look for something similar.

Selena and Anna said...

Oh Denise...she is so darling. I can't believe she is already 2 months old either. Seems like yesterday that you had her!!! Enjoy all those precious moments.

Annie & Isabel