Monday, November 5, 2007

Could Have been worse

Could have been worse.

Let's see. I only had to explain to 6 people how our baby was doing. Only 1 demanded details in such a manner I wanted to take my keyboard off of my desk and smash her teeth in with it. Instead I just smiled through gritted teeth and asked "Is there anything else you need today?"

One tenant was incredibly understanding and nice and welcomed me back with open and grateful arms. He expressed his condolences and went on to fill me in on some of the gossip going on around the complex.

One tenant made the day so much easier. I have talked to her before. When Matthew was in the hospital we ran into eachother at the mailboxes. She asked where I had been and I explained my pPROM pregnancy and all of that. She shared her story of her daughter. She ruptured at 17 weeks and delivered at 22w5d. Her daughter, Shawna, lived for 22 hours and peacefully died in her arms. She was born April 16. She told me all about Shawna and the pain she had and how the grief process does change. She told me she reached a point where she was at peace and grateful that Shawna didn't suffer. Shawna would have been 8 this year. She has a 6 year old daughter now. Her daughter was a pPROM pregnancy as well. Except, she ruptured at 32 weeks and her daughter is doing great. Her birthday? April 19. She ruptured on April 15 and was so scared of delivering on Shawna's birthday. This tenant gave me so much hope and promise that one day, life will be ok again. I am very grateful for that.

Then, of course, there was "fat guy." Fat Guy weighs AT LEAST 380+. He's huge. Normally, I wouldn't be bothered by it, not everyone can control their weight and for some, no matter what they do, they are haunted with being over weight. Not Fat Guy. Fat Guy walks around ALL THE TIME wearing just shorts. That's right, his albino skin flabs and hangs and bounces all without a shirt or shoes on. It's absolutely disgusting. His apartment should be condemed it's so disgusting. AND, he has a little boy about 11 months who is always dirty, crying and has sores :( My heart breaks for that boy and I KNOW I am going to end up calling CPS. Plus, the guy is a big smoker and a drinker. He smells so bad. Ugh. I can't wait to get rid of him.

Anywho, Fat Guy was mad that I didn't drop his rent while I was gone????? Seriously. He thought that because he had to have his tub replaced, he should get cheaper rent. Um, you have a brand new tub and shower surround because of damage YOU caused, seriously that typically involves a rent increase wise guy.

So, I worked, I took Kaitlyn to and from store, I cooked a yummy dinner, I went to Walmart and now I'm thinking about a shower.

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