Saturday, February 4, 2012

Setting Good Examples

I believe there are many different ways to parent your children.  There are right ways, righter ways, different ways, more different ways, and as long as you love your child and genuinely have their best interest in your heart with every decision you make, there is no wrong way.  I believe that being a good parent is about not always taking the easy way out, while still allowing yourself some shortcuts, and sometimes using that "mommy is a grown-up and grown-ups can make their own decisions, when you're a grown-up, you can make those decisions too."

I cringe when I see certain shortcuts being made in front of kids.  Be it your kids or another's, such as mine.  One of my biggest pet peeves (aside from the obvious and sickening violent and disgusting acts against children) occurs in front of Kaitlyn's school each and every day, and when we're driving around.  I'm a huge fan of using frozen veggies in food to save me from having to cut any, but I would never stop 10 feet short of a crosswalk to cross the street.  WHY?  Why do people not take the few extra steps to walk in the crosswalk.  Especially in front of a school?  Why have your kids cut through traffic with you, darting in between cars when they aren't tall enough to be seen over most dashboards all so you can save yourself a few feet and what, 3 minutes?  At most?

Earlier this school year, Kaitlyn's questioning of parents jaywalking in front of the school led me to start realizing exactly how impressionable she is now.  She's at an age where she really does pay attention to everything around her, and she reacts to it, thinks about it, comes up with questions about it and critically thinks about it.  Which is awesome.  But, it also means that we have to be more vigilant about teaching her which behaviors are ok to emulate and which behaviors should be completely and totally ignored.  Of course, it doesn't help that she is one of the nosiest kids I know :P

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