Sunday, February 5, 2012


For the past couple of weeks, I've been doing some serious decluttering around here.  I guess with how spring like it feels, it just seems appropriate to do some spring cleaning.

I've weeded out so much in the cabinets under the counter, taking out every kitchen gadget that seemed way cooler on TV or that I haven't touched in the 3 years we've lived here.  I've taken EVERYTHING out of Samantha's room and totally rearranged it and gave her so much room.  (I would love to see more pictures of people whose nurseries have changed from super cute to super functional in that first and second year lol!)  I've taken 2 huge garbage bags out of Kaitlyn's room, rearranging some things and making her the deal that if she is attitude free for 30 days she'll get a complete room makeover, complete with new paint and wall art.  I've gone through my craft "corner" and drawers and gotten rid of a huge garbage bag of stuff that was just shoved in there.  I've gone through my closets and donated 2 huge bags to charity.  I've gone through medicine cabinets, through my office shelves in the closets, through picture frames, changing out the old with the new (although I still need to update like crazy, time is just flying and these girls are changing so much every day!), through purses and drawers and cupboards galore.  And it feels good.  It feels clean.  It feels refreshing.  It feels simple.

I've noticed too, when there is less room for high quantity, there is more room for high quality.  And with life being as short and unpredictable as it is, I much prefer high quality.

After an awesome ending to a great weekend, I find that it's the same way with people.  I like having high quality people in my life.  I like having life being truly drama free.  I like spending time with people I really and truly like and care about and having fun things to talk about besides the latest squabble with the same people, or the gossip of so and so.  I think that it also helps make for deeper conversations and closer bonds.  We are truly blessed by having such wonderful friends and amazing family in our lives.  I want this year to be about enriching those relationships, creating more intimacy with the people I love and enjoy spending time with.

I think we're off to a great start.

*PS- This is my 499 post!  WOO HOO!!!!  For post number 500, I'm hoping to share with you all something I've been working on.  Fingers crossed I get it finished this week and can post and share it with you for post 500!

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