Thursday, February 16, 2012

My bossy daughter

Today, Samantha and I picked up Kaitlyn from school like we normally do. We we waited outside her classroom until her class was dismissed.

From there, we walked to the side gate towards the crosswalk to the street we park on. Typically, Kaitlyn ditches us until we hit the side gate in favor of walking with her friends.

Today, we as we got to the street there was a little boy standing between two crosswalks, right next to the street, teetering on the street, next to several teachers and staff throwing his back pack high up in the air then trying to catch it. Several times he had step into the street to catch it.

Kaitlyn looked at him with the look that everyone who knows her has seen before. A look most girls don't master until way into their teens. The look where her eyes narrow, her brows slightly point inwards and one side of her lip curls up.

She said "_________ that is a really stupid thing to do." I immediately told her that was not nice as he busted up laughing, asked how she really got her picture on her valentine's day card and stopped doing it.

She explained he was in her class and had already lost them table points by not listening to her. Which of corse prompted a discussion about better ways to talk to people and better ways to get people to listen to you. And of course, how to not be Bossy McBossy Pants.

She was right though, it wads stupid thing to do. If only I could figure out where on earth she got this bossy streak from...

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