Monday, February 13, 2012

Samantha's 15 month Appointment

What a crazy day today has been.  And it's not even 1 yet!

We started this rainy day by taking Samantha to the doctors for her 15 month check up.  Since Kaitlyn had a dentist appointment at 11, and Samantha's appointments are usually over in less than 20 minutes, it made sense to take her with me. 

Never again.

I LOVE our pediatrician and I love his office.  I recommend him to anyone in the area.  But, today, the nurse was work on training a new nurse to prepare for her upcoming maternity leave and my favorite nurse was not in today.  BOO.  So, once in the office, things ran slow on their end.  And it was hard keeping Samantha not crying (she cut a molar this morning, had another "poop" incident with constipation in the waiting room and was in the most awful of moods), Kaitlyn sitting still and our stuff all contained.

First, the measurements.  She's down to 21 lbs and 15 ounces.  Which is a weight loss of about 3 ounces from almost 3 weeks ago.  She's dropped to the 40% mark.  But, her doctor is not concerned.  She's active, she's energetic, she's eating and we'll just see how she does at her 18 month appointment.  Her height is at 31.5" (which is up an inch from 3 months ago) and is in the 80% mark.  Her gigantic head is at 47.5 cm which is in the 90%.  So, she's growing.  Which is great!

She's advanced for her age as far as her gross and fine motor skills go, as well as her language development.  She's really, really behind though in pooping. 

During our wait in the waiting room, she had a tough stool.  I mean, she cried, a hemroid formed and she was not a happy camper.  Since dropping to the half dose of laxative on Saturday, she's been having troubles going.

This resulted in our doctor ordering an X-Ray of her tummy to see what the deal was.  We waited in our room for nearly an hour to get her 3 little shots (which she of course screamed thorugh since we were holding her down and still) and then headed down to radiology.

She did AMAZING during her X-Ray.  She layed perfectly still without any help or support and we got it in one shot. 

Her X-Ray showed even though she had 2 large, heavy bowel movements within the couple hours prior, she was still filled with stool.  It needs to get out.  So, we are back to the full dose of laxative, another enema and magnesium citrate.  Wish us luck.

From there, we raced to Kaitlyn's dentist office.  The delay at the doctor's office pushed us 30 minutes late, :( , but, as always they were amazing.  She got her cavitiy filled, started feeling less woozy from the gas and was ready to go.

So, we had one day back in cloth and it looks like that was it for now.  Joy.  Not.

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Katie said...

So sorry to hear of Samantha's tummy troubles. My Abby has the same issue, which come and goes but peeked at 15 months. She is now 30 months old and still has problems going but maybe since she is stronger now she can push it out better. I remember it just being stuck in there and her crying and screaming and not knowing what to do! It wasn't fun trying to get that out of her :( Well good luck and I am sure she will be better soon :)