Friday, February 17, 2012

K. K.

Have you ever seen that episode of Big Bang Theory, "The Friendship Contraction" which aired earlier this month?  In it, one of the main characters, Howard, is getting ready to go into space with NASA and wants a cool nickname like the other NASA guys.  But, he wants a super cool nickname.  So, he decides to encourage the astronauts toward a cool nickname he really wants.  He tries setting up opportunities to plant the idea in their head.

Well, earlier this week, I was picking Kaitlyn up from school.  Like normal, she ran off with some of her friends until we hit the gate to leave the school.  One of the girls yelled "Bye K. K."

I was taken a little aback and asked her what that stood for?  And teased a little, asking if it was short for Kaitlyn and Kevin (one of her BFFs)?  She got offended and said "NO!"  I asked then what K. K. was?  She told me it was her nickname.

I asked her how she got that nickname.  She said she really wanted a nickname, so she just told some of the girls that's what we call her at home and if they wanted, they could call her it to.  Well, I guess that's one way to get a nickname.  I wonder if I should tell her friends that when she whines, we call her the only nick name we know "Itty, Bitty, Baby Katy" to remind her that she's a big girl now.

I've now noticed a lot of her Valentine's Day Cards are addressed to K. K...

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Lori said...

Smart girl! I remember in 5th grade I wanted to shake things up a bit, so I started writing my name with a -y at the end instead of an it was Lory. Not Lori.

I thought I was soooooo cool. Until I got a paper back and my teacher (who was snotty old Ms. Cardoni anyway...such a snob!) just circled the -y and put a HUGE red question mark.

I was so embarrassed! I felt dumb. So I'm highly impressed that your Baby Katy (love it!) had the gumption to go for it and to actually have it work, ha ha!