Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Dusty and I have this conversation, ALL the time.  You know how when you have a headache, or a cold, or a runny nose and all you can think about is how miserable it feels.  When it's over, you realize you feel better, but you don't really think about it on a regular basis.  Unless you feel awesome any particular day, you don't really stop during the day and say "wow, it feels great to feel normal" or "yay, I don't have a runny nose today!"

It often makes me think about how often I can go through a day and not really take in how fortunate we are or how thankful we should be.  When times are at their darkest, it's easy to concentrate on those awful moments and wish for how things were or "should" be, but why don't we do that more often on the normal days?

How often do we stop and think about how blessed we are on just a normal hum, drum day?  How often do we stop and appreciate the simple things in life?  Toast or warm socks?  And if we spent more time thinking about how thankful we are for the little things, maybe the world would filled with a few more smiles.

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