Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Dentist

Kaitlyn loves her dentist.  And why wouldn't she?  She gets to sit in an awesome chair and watch her choice of TVs, featuring whatever she wants with jungle animals all over the place, she gets goodies, balloons and otter pops.  Before her appointment she gets to wait in the playroom with toys, Xboxes, PS3s and even more TVs.  I would love it too. 

And, her dentist is a really nice guy.  He brings his kid to work.  He's a year or so younger than Kaitlyn and super cute. 

After x-rays and teeth cleaning, he comes over and checks all of her teeth.  None of them have numbers here, they all have names, all characters that she knows, you know, Hannah Montanna, Aurora, Sponge Bob, Cinderella and the like. 

Kaitlyn had her six month check-up on Monday.  We battle with tooth brushing.  Not really doing it, but doing it long enough.  Kaitlyn's version of 3 minutes and my version of 3 minutes is so different.  Even if my 3 minutes match the timer on one of her half dozen tooth brushes.  So, the deal was, if there was a single cavity, there would be no sugary treats until the next check-up.

After her tooth cleaning, he came over and told her that Arial had a cavity.  She asked him what she was going to do and which tooth it was.  Then, the light bulb went off and she realized it was her Arial tooth.  She nearly cried.  He reassured her it just meant she could come back and see him sooner, get a new toy and it was so teeny tiny it would only take a few moments to fill. 

Then, he took a peek at Samantha's chipped tooth for me.  He said it's so common on that tooth and he sees it all. the. time on that age.  He would be happy to grind it down for us, but it would only be for cosmetic reasons, however, she wouldn't like it (and I can only imagine how traumatizing that would be on both of us), and it would eventually do it on it's own.

Kaitlyn gets to go back on Monday.  After Samantha's 15 month check-up.

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