Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some rants for the week

I know it's only Tuesday, and a bit early in the week for rants, but it looks like it's that kind of week :P

  • If your dog is so big that when you are driving and it is sitting on your lap that you have to strain your neck to see out the window, restrain your dog in the car.  You are seriously an accident waiting to happen!
  • If it is cool enough outside for you to be standing out of the school at 8 AM with a jacket on and still rubbing your arms, DO NOT send your kid to school in flip flops and a tank top.  NOT cool
  • If I make it to the school nearly 30 minutes before school lets out to get a good spot in the pick-up line and then WAIT in the car for those 30 minutes with an infant, do not think for even one second that I am going to let you cut in, when you show up 2 minutes after the bell rings.  You have not paid your dues, go around and get to the end of the line.  I see you do it EVERYDAY and I'm not one of those suckers that's gonna let you in.  This particular car got there as the bell rang, blocked all the traffic behind them and waited for someone to let them in. I get there 30 min early to be this far back, yet they think they should get to bypass all that???  Screw that.  The car behind me let them in.  Grrrrrr.....  

  • If you're a smoker, that's totally fine.  It's your life, your lungs, your heart and whatever.  But, it is totally, 100% not even close to acceptable to smoke outside of the 1st graders classroom.  It is a little counterproductive to preach to these kids over and over and over again how bad drugs are to then have one of the moms of a well liked kid to be smoking right outside the classroom while laughing her head off.  Not Cool.
  • STOP expecting to get more than you give.  I do not understand how people can put forth such little effort and minimal thought towards someone and then throughly and seriously expect that same person to put forth a ton of effort and thought towards you.  It's pretty darn rude.
  • And my last rant of the day, being a mom is not a competition.  At the end of the day, there is no such thing as a better mom, your windows being cleaner than mine does not mean your kids are loved more or better taken care of.  Just as my laundry being done fast or more frequently than yours does not mean my kids are going to grow up to be better than yours.  I am so sick of all the one upmanship that is constantly surrounding moms in everyday life, in the media and just in society in general.

Whew, I feel better lol.  I hope you enjoy your Tuesday!


Leesa said...

what is it with the mom competition anyway? i find myself in the middle of comparing children when someone else brings my attention to it, and it's an easy trap to get sucked into, but really, if we all put as much time and energy into our children as we do complaining about and comparing them then we would all win.

PS. i HATE carpool pick up!

AKD said...

I HATE the mom competitions, too! Why does it matter what their children do vs. yours? I think it's just being unsettled in themselves.