Wednesday, February 9, 2011

3 Months Old!

That's right, Samantha has been with us for a quarter of a year already!

Samantha's Weight: 13 lbs 12 ounces!!!  I weighed her 4 times just to be sure!

Samantha's Height: 24.25 inches

Samantha is growing like crazy and developing so much personality.  She has her favorite toy, a flower rattle with crinkle petals, she plays with it whenever she can.  She loves to giggle and play and still finds Kaitlyn absolutely hysterical.  Her other favorite is her car seat friends, her play bar that lights up on her car seat.  Her eyes just lights up when she sees her friends.  She also loves her baby exerciser, and will sit in it and play so good.

Her hair is still getting lighter, but all there.  Her eyes are bright, alert and a beautiful shade of brown.  She loves to have her hands in her mouth and usually keeps them shoved in there.  She has another cold, it started earlier this week and has been so much worse than her other one.  While she's mostly happy and smiley, she's  also so miserable and congested.

Samantha wants to talk so badly.  She tries so hard and mimics everything we do. She says oh wow oh all the time and daddy keeps trying to get her to say dada, but it just isn't happening.  She laughs so hard at him though.

Samantha is in 3-6 month clothing and has been for a couple weeks now and is quickly growing out of them.  She is just growing so darn fast!  We've been cloth diapering for about a month now and while it was a learning process the first few days, it's going great now.  It's so much easier than I thought it would be and Kaitlyn loves being able to pick out Samantha's diapers every morning and diaper change.

Samantha still spits up a lot, but we're getting used to it being a part of our life with her :)  She also still likes her paci, but not as much and not as often.  Mostly right before falling asleep.

Samantha is a great sleeper.  She does like to sleep with a blanket though, she grabs onto it with both hands and cuddles so tight with it.  We have to watch her constantly to make sure she isn't putting it in front of her face.  She is also on the apnea monitor at night, it has definitely helped Dusty and I sleep so much better.  And we've had no "real" alarms, just false alarms to tell us her leads are off or the battery is dying.

She hates being on her tummy but has gotten so strong on it!  She hasn't rolled over yet, but we have been really encouraging her lol.  She sleeps in our room still, next to us, but not in our bed.  And she LOVES the dark.  She hates sleeping with the light on.

I'm sure I'll think of more to tell you about soon :)

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AKD said...

She is so, so beautiful! I love that she also hates tummy time - Alice loves rolling, but still hates being there!