Sunday, February 27, 2011

A much better week!

A crazy busy week, but a better one nonetheless!

Samantha seems to have made a full recovery!  It actually seems like she went straight from being sick into a full growth spurt and has demanded to eat every hour or so since Wednesday.  Day and Night.  She seems so much longer and her 3-6 month feetie jammies are definitely being tested!

Friday night, she had just eaten before we started dinner and she was crying with each bite I took.  I hadn't yet touched my baked potato, so I took a piece of the unflavored part, smashed it in my fingers and sat it on her lip. I expected her "push it out" reflex to kick in and her to push it out.  She didn't.  She used her tongue, put that piece in her mouth, chomped down on it and cried for more.  So, out to the store I went to get some organic (I want to try and stick to all organic for as long as possible and make her own food, but that's another subject for another day) rice cereal and it looks like we might start that today.  Ideally, I wanted to wait until she was 6 months, but I think she's more than ready now.

And!  She sprouted her first tooth!

You can only see the tip top, but it is SHARP!  Kaitlyn also lost a tooth on Monday, so I nearly had her convinced that the tooth fairy just plopped the tooth in Samantha's mouth, :P

Samantha is tripoding pretty good, I bet in another month she'll be sitting up on her own.  She's super smiley, loves her exerciser (and one foot touches the ground!) and wants to be sitting up whenever she can.  Kaitlyn is still the funniest thing in the world to her and she is really getting into her own routine.

Kaitlyn has been off school for the whole week for president's week!  She has went with me to the gym every day, had fun at a Girl Scouts meeting, been to John's Incredible Pizza with Carmen and Camaryn, been roller skating, lost a tooth, colored, read, been to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby cousin, been super excited that her good friend became a big brother and informed us she is so ready for baseball season.

This morning we are getting ready to head out and sell Girl scout cookies for Kaitlyn's troop.  It's her last day off before heading to school tomorrow and I want to be sure she runs as much as possible to make getting back to an early bed time as easy as possible.  Wish me luck!

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AKD said...

Look at that tooth! Alice is over 7 months and still has a little gummy smile (I'm okay with that so I don't get bit!). Adorable!