Saturday, July 31, 2010

A party for Samantha

Being that this is our third baby in 6 years, a baby shower didn't seem entirely appropriate.  We have already acquired nearly everything we need for this little girl, and have really enjoyed buying the things we didn't already have.

After some gentle coaxing by family and great friends, we thought that a Welcome Baby party would be a lot of fun.  My sister is hosting and family and friends are helping with it.  It is going to be a family style BBQ and in no way should anyone feel obligated or as though they need to bring something.  Just having the opportunity to share in our happiness with those who have been there for us through our struggles and sadness is all that we ask :)

A few people have asked about a registry.  To be honest, I started registries at Babies R Us, Target and Walmart.  I really wanted those cool freebies for signing up and want the coupons :P  But, then I went and started buying a lot of it off of there before anyone ever saw it.  :P  What can I say, I like to shop and I love to shop for baby stuff.  I have had to make a promise though not to by anymore baby stuff.  At least not until we're closer to the due date and realize there are things we need and forgot about it.  And remind myself that she is due the month before Christmas and I'm sure I'm going to want to fill half the tree with stuff for Kaitlyn and half the tree with stuff for Samantha and sneak in spaces for stuff for Dusty ;)

With that being said, I found this cool website where I can make a wishlist thing of everything I want.  I started it as a place for me to keep my list together of everything I want to buy, the finishing touches and what not and thought I would share it :) Samantha's wish list Again, all we ask is to spend time with everyone :)

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