Sunday, July 11, 2010

My fun weekend...

Friday night, I wasn't feeling that great.  My stomach was upset, I was tired and just done.  I went to bed around 10:30 and at 11:45 I woke up to use the bathroom.  Totally normal for me to have to pee every 2-3 hours at night.  I mean, how could it not be normal when a 1 lb papaya is pushing on your bladder around the clock?

I used the bathroom, went to bed and then 15 minutes later, I had to go again.  Literally, as soon as I stood up from peeing to go to bed, I would feel as though I had to go again, urgently, right then.  Which led to frustration, cramping and pain.

It went through this until about 4:40 AM, when I finally said "enough is enough" and called my doctor's office.  Who then transferred me to the on-call doctor's office.  The nurse wasn't too friendly and said that unless I thought it was a big deal I should wait until 7:00 AM to call him.  I kindly informed her that if I didn't think it was a big deal, I wouldn't be up at 4:40 in the morning calling in.  I think I may have gotten my point across.  The doctor's office called back around 5:15 and said to to go the ER.  I got to the ER around 5:30 and they wheeled me up to Labor and Delivery.

I got to hang out in the recovery/triage room in L&D, get a catheter, have blood drawn and all that good stuff.  Turned out I had a yeast infection and I also had a bladder infection that spread to my kidneys.  Around noon, I got my prescription called in and got to go home!  Yay!!

When I told Dusty I was going into the hospital, he insisted on going.  I told him no, it would be better if Kaitlyn didn't have to wake up quite yet and there was no point in us both missing sleep and being exposed to all the yucky germs. 

The woman next to me, didn't have that same experience.

She was scheduled to have her third child by repeat cesarean on Monday.  Saturday at 2:00 AM, her water broke.  She waited for the bus and got to the hospital a bit after 6:00 AM, nearly ready to push.  They didn't have a chance to even do her triage before she was rushed to her cesarean and then at 7:00 AM wheeled next to me to recover.

She was by herself.  Her boyfriend was at home with her mom and 2 other kids.  He had a car, but thought it was too early for her to be calling him with this drama and wanting him out of bed to drive all the way to the hospital.  (Word to the wise, please don't use speaker phone when you don't have your own room) 

Her son was born 7lb 6 oz and she did not get to hold him after delivery.  When they took him into the nursery, he was laboring to breath.  The NICU team came to examine him and discovered he had fluid in his lungs and because he was having such a hard time breathing, he couldn't eat.  He was then admitted to the NICU.

She was understandably upset.  She was by herself and upset that her son was now by himself.  Her blood pressure was through the roof and by the time I got to go home, she had been in recovery for 4 hours without a single visitor, without anyone there to help welcome her son into the world.  It was truly sad.

During this same time, there was a couple in the hallway surrounded by their parents.  They stood in the hallway about to become parents.  My door and curtain were wide open and the excitement surrounding their upcoming adoption wasn't hard to hear.  Their biggest complaint was the baby had to be out of their site for a few minutes while baby and "birth mom" cleaned up.

Those nurses sure were busy this weekend...

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