Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello V-day!

In the world of pregnancy and the medical field, something magical happened at 12:01 this morning.  Our baby became viable.  Our baby became a person whose life doctors will fight for.  As of today we have finished 6 months of pregnancy without a hiccup, which is great!

Week 24 of Pregnancy

Your baby's facial features are really filling out…and your belly button may be really popping out!
Your Baby in Week 24 of Pregnancy
Your baby is about eight and a half inches long and weighs one and a half pounds, gaining steadily at a rate of six ounces per week. Much of that weight comes from accumulating baby fat, as well as from growing organs, bones, and muscle. Those little ears of hers are getting sharper and can hear very loud sounds, from a yapping dog to a jackhammer. Also by now, that fabulous face is almost fully formed, complete with eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair. Is your baby a brunette, a blonde, or a redhead? Actually, right now her locks are white since there's no pigment yet.

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Jamie said...

Congrats Denise! This is great. So great this has been uneventful. It's all downhill from here. :)