Sunday, September 19, 2010

Samantha's Upcoming Arrival Party

First I want to thank Christina, Samantha and my mom for all of their hard work and efforts in putting together such a beautiful celebration.  Everything was absolutely beautiful and I didn't even have to lift a finger, until I got to open a gazillion presents of course :)

Here are some of the details of the party that matched her nursery so perfectly:

The beautiful center pieces

These birds were all over the place, through the trees, branches, and placed here and there and all throughout.

One of the favors were Freesia bulbs wrapped up in tulle, so the guests could plant them and watch it grow as Samantha does.

Christina made this cute and matching diaper cake:

Christina also painted these matching bird houses, which I plan on adding to the nursery:

Samantha made these adorable and yummy cupcakes to match everything:

The candy bar, loaded with lots of yummy candy, boxes to fill with it and stickers to seal the boxes with:

In lieu of a guestbook, there was a guest wreath.  Those same birds were available for everyone to write on and place onto the wreath and now we can put it in Samamtha's room.

Everything was great, there are so many more pictures on both facebook and in our picasa albums, and being uploaded to shutterfly :)

I started in on the new baby laundry last night :)  I've finished 2 of the 3 loads and the third should be done in just a bit!  Then, I get to put it all away!!  Because of how generous everyone was, there is so little that we need to get or do before her arrival.

I am going to get a cubby thing to go in her room and some baskets to add, both for books, decorations and sorting out some of her little toys.  And some more baby hangers.  I just ordered some closet dividers from the greatest online store, ever, Etsy! which will help a lot :)  I need to pick up a diaper pail and I think that's about it.  And a baby book.  And that's it, we're ready for her.  Well, I still need to pack my hospital bag, but I'm trying to wait for Kaitlyn's custom made scrubs to get here before I do that :)  But, it will be done next week and it will be in my car at all times lol.

Her room is almost all the way ready too.  All I really need to do in there is start filling some of her picture frames.  Kaitlyn has been helping, she's been drawing pictures for me to put in the frames to keep in her room, and of course, Matthew's picture is already there.  Once we finish it up and move the co-sleeper (yes I already set it up) into our room, there should be more pictures of it up :)

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