Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Morning September!

Today is the first day of September.  Today, if someone asks me "when are you due" I can honestly and safely answer "she will probably be here at the end of next month."

September proves to be a really busy month!  This weekend, we have my 10 year reunion and dinner for a friend's birthday the following day.  The following weekend we have Samantha's bachelorette party followed by Carmen's birthday party!  The weekend after that we are having a baby celebration party for Samantha and maternity pictures.  The next weekend is birthday parties and good times and of course the weekend after that puts us in October and at Samantha and David's wedding!

I will probably get my last p17 shot on October 20 and I could have her anytime after that.  I will be 36 1/2 weeks and just days away form officially being full term.  She would go home with us.  That is only like 50 days away from now!!  We need to get started on our birth plan.  It should be pretty easy and I'm sure will basically end up reading "get her out safe!"

Dusty and I were talking about this yesterday, she is so close to being here, and if I thought I was going to be one protective mama, I've got nothing on Dusty.  I also learned that while I was upset by Kaitlyn's feelings being hurt, Dusty was even more upset by how hurt she was.  He really is a protective Daddy.  We started working on our plan of attack, how we're going to do things and the "rules" we're gonna have regarding this little princess.

We both agreed that after October 20, I'm not going further than 30 minutes from my hospital.  I am absolutely terrified of delivering in the car.  If you think about it, Kaitlyn's labor was pretty quick for a first time, total time was like 9-10 hours, and had I of known I was in a crappy position we could have easily knocked an hour off of that.  Matthew's labor was so fast, I mean, I went from first contraction, not at all dilated to him nearly pushing himself out within 3 hours.  And that was bottom first, imagine if his head was there to push on the cervix!  So, my 2nd labor only took a third of the time of my first.  If we go in that pattern, and I wait even a while to see if my contractions are real...  I seriously have nightmares lol.  And I always deliver in the car, on Elkhorn Blvd right in front of a school across from a Jimboys.

And we're gonna be homebodies.  Everyone is welcome to visit our princess, but we aren't taking her anywhere.  I don't care what anyone's opinion is, I am completely confident in our decision to keep our youngest daughter germ free until she is older.  I see no reason to introduce a subsequent SIDS sibling, during cold and flu season, who will more than likely be born prior to her due date to any germs.  So, while everyone is welcome to come over, if you've been exposed to sickness within the previous 3 days stay away :)  And of course, if you smoke, be sure to bring a clean change of clothes and be prepared to wash up.  The risk of third hand smoke just isn't worth our daughter's health.  Luckily, Dusty will be home with us for 6 weeks and Kaitlyn's school in the morning is a 15 minute round trip :)

September is going to be a really exciting month, it brings the start of fall, our possible last full month without a baby in the house, and of course, Archie's 7th birthday ;)


Lori said...

Good for you and I totally agree. This baby will be doing not much of ANYTHING after he's born, and frankly, I don't really care what a freak people may think I am when they are given the set of 'rules' we'd like to have adhered to..with the full option of people not abiding by them. Just won't be seeing Luke for a while either!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell cares what people think...she's your daughter and you know what's best for her and your family, so do what you think is right and to hell with anyone's opinions.

LipstickRocks Blog said...

I do not have kids and I am not married, but I am interested in hearing your story. I am happy for you and your family. Thoughts and Prayers,