Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Samantha's Nursery

Well, it's done.  There are one or two tiny things I want to do, but I haven't decided if I am going to actually do them right now or not or I have to wait for her to get here.  I might want to add letters to the bottom ribbons of the bow holder to spell out SAM and act as weights, and I need to wait for her to get here to fill all the picture frames :)  But, other than that, we're finished.  Clothes are washed, dried, sorted and put away (with the exception of the last few I need to get hangers for), diapers are sorted, some in the changing table ready to go and some in the closet, shoes are in the shoe rack, diaper genie is put where it goes, furniture is all put together and art is on the wall!

This is the view you see when you first walk in.  There are blinds on the window, but I like the light shining through, even if it makes for an awful picture lol.  You can see two of my attempts at being creative.  One is the wipe case.  Which, I think I got lazy and tired halfway through when trying to cover it with fabric.  I wish I would have just painted it.  To the left is her bow holder and my first attempt at painting :)

It is so hard to photograph in here, I need to get my normal lens out and use that instead.  The room is just small to photograph.  This is the wall that has the crib and wall art.  The corner between the crib and the dresser is where I have the car seat, stroller and bath for now.  I will move the bath into the bathroom once she arrives and of course the stroller and car seat will be able to come out once we start using them.

Inside of Samantha's crib we have some of the beautiful blankets made for her.  The first is the quilt my Aunt Beth made her with the matching doll and the second is one that Christina's soon to be Mother In Law made her.  Both are so beautiful!

Next to the wall decal is the wreath at the party for Samantha's upcoming arrival.  The birds are all written with words of love by family and friends who were there on Saturday.  I want to put a picture of her in the center once she gets here.

This wall is on the side of the door.  Kaitlyn has drawn so many pictures for Samantha, she was so excited when I put this one in the frame for her.  It is a rainbow with the tree and matching love birds.  The bird house is one Aunt Beth made to match.

Samantha's dresser is next to the door.  Here are some more frames to fill and bird houses that Aunt Christina painted for the party.

This was a last minute decision and is on the wall next to the closet.  She just has too much stuff and not enough room.  We filled the cubes with swaddling blankets, towels, small toys and carriers/slings.  Then, you can see our beautiful new diaper bag (thanks Jamie!), some wipes (what wouldn't fit in the closet lol), and the middle shelf is filled with the starts of what is going in the labor bag.  Which I plan on doing Friday!

Above the new cube storage unit.  Picture frames, more bird houses and another bird decal :)

The left side of the window with some wall art and her bow holder.  Now that I have a place to buy bows, I don't have to have an ounce of guilt in buying them :)

The right side with more wall art.

And finally, the closet.  It is all sorted by size.  There are a couple more pieces that need to be hung, but I didn't get enough hangers so I have to get some more this week!  Also there are 2 boppys up there, a back up bath, a back up bouncer, and a ton of diapers and wipes.  We still have a lot more and hopefully we won't have to worry about running out to buy any until February :)

And now, I'm ready for a nap!


*Tracy* said...

Wow, Denise. Her nursery is gorgeous! Wanna come help me do Reilly's?

Lori said...

Her room is just precious!!!! She's one lucky little girl to have such an amazing nursery!