Monday, September 20, 2010

32 weeks- 8 months down!

How far along? 32 weeks!  8 months pregnant!  And honest, I have no idea how we got here, it feels like just yesterday we were in that state of "ok, all we have to do is get to 8 weeks and see a heartbeat" and then the "now all we have to do is get to 12 weeks and have it still be there" and then "ok, lets try to get to 24 weeks without my water breaking" and every day since then has been such a blessing!
Weight gain/loss:  35 pounds
.  Strangers say I look small for how far along I am.  Sometimes with that hint of disapproval in their voice.  Which, of course irritates me.  And Kaitlyn asked last week if she could call me Fat Mommy or Big Mama since Samantha made my stomach so huge.  We had a talk about fat not being a very friendly word.  Really, I started this pregnancy out at the highest weight I've ever been pre-pregnancy (which is a good thing!) and only a couple pounds under my ideal weight for my height (and technically, I was in a normal range with a BMI of 18.8), so the doctors recommendation of 35-40 was more than adequate.  Especially considering that I'm not really supposed to be exercising or exerting myself in a way that keeps the muscle muscle.  So really, I will, more than likely, end up gaining a few more than I should, and that's ok.
Maternity Clothes?  Every day :)
Stretch Marks?  Nothing so far, knocking on wood!
Sleep?  I'm starting to get more.  Of course I'm on UTI number 4 since July, so I'm back on the medication you have to take every 6 hours and that interrupts my sleep.  And I have to get out of bed by 7 or the heartburn is so bad all day that nothing will cure it.  Last night Dusty and I set up the co-sleeper next to the bed so I can start getting used to it being there, and of course, in case she decided to come home in 4-5 weeks, it's ready for her and we don't have to do anything to get ready.  That has made it a little more difficult to get in and out of bed :)
Best moment this week?  We had an amazing celebration on Saturday that was so much fun!  I enjoyed being able to celebrate this little miracle with so many people that mean so much to us. 
Food Cravings?  Milk.  And that's it really.
Belly Button, in or out?  Out
What I miss?  Not having heartburn :)
Weekly Wisdom? No matter how slowly time seems to be going, all of a sudden that light at the end of the tunnel seems to completely and totally sneak up on you.
Upcoming Appointments?  Wednesday afternoon I have my 32 week appointment.  Next Wednesday I will have my p17 shot and the Wednesday after that will be my 34 week appointment.  I *might* start weekly OB appointments then.

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