Sunday, September 26, 2010

33 weeks, 49 days until my due date!

How far along? 33 weeks.  Only 2 more weeks until we could deliver her and likely take her home with us, when I go home.  Only 4 more p17 shots to try and prevent labor.

Weight gain/loss: 36 pounds
Maternity Clothes?  Every day :)
Stretch Marks?  My tummy is clear, but earlier today I noticed a few tiny white ones on one boob :(
Sleep? Most nights I go to bed at 9:30, get up once around midnight to use the restroom, again at 4 to use the restroom and am out of bed by 6.
Best moment this week?  Samantha is getting so big, when she kicks you can literally grab a hold of her foot.  She has hiccups all the time.  Her nursery is ready, all of her clothes are clean and put away, the hospital bag is packed, my camera bag is ready, we are all set for her :)
Food Cravings?  Milk.  And that's it really.
Belly Button, in or out?  Out, really out.
What I miss?  Not having heartburn :)
Weekly Wisdom? Enjoy it.  Even if it means you have to stop what you are doing, sit down and enjoy what you are going through.
Upcoming Appointments?  Wednesday is p17.  It's a super early appointment, before Kaitlyn goes to school.

Matthew was born at 33 weeks.  We know first hand what a 33 week baby looks like.  Their full head of hair, their long fingernails, their perfectly formed lips, their expressive eyebrows, their tiny little nose and of course, their big personality.  It makes it so exciting for us to know how far Samantha is and how much like a newborn she really truly is in there.  She's just taking a little longer to get stronger, fatter and help those lungs get as strong as possible.  We know how important another week or two of pregnancy can be, how much development and growing they do and they need.  We can only wish that Matthew had the same opportunity.  The difference could have been life saving.

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Lori said...

You are just beautiful!!!! The pictures of your sweet Matthew are precious...praying sweet little Samantha sticks around in mommy's tummy for just a bit longer to get all she can get out of there!!!!