Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh Baby, The places You'll Go...

This is the theme I've decided to do for the baby's room.  I found this really cute stencil on ebay while browsing a while back and fell in love with it.  It is easily one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books and makes me cry when I read it.  I've already decided on bedding:


Oh wait, what baby you say?  While most people should be aware by the time I actually hit publish on this post, as of right now, no one knows our good news.  I'm pregnant!  I got my first faint positive test at 9 dpo, which was yesterday:

And after the chemical pregnancy in December where the test never got any darker, I never got a positive on a digital (aside from the FRER Gold which is super sensitive) I wanted to be sure that the test line got darker (indicating that the pregnancy was progressing) before I got too excited.
The FRER tests, as shown above show a positive when HCG is as low as 12.5, and sometimes lower.  With the CBE digital they read positive when they HCG is at least 25 and many times even higher, like 50.  Since HCG should double every 48 hours, you want the line to get darker and to get positives on less sensitive tests to show that it's progressing.

This morning, 10 dpo, 5 days before my missed period, I took another FRER and got a darker line:

And, I also went out on a ledge and joined the 58% of people who will get a positive digital at 10 dpo:

Based on Ovulation I have a due date of November 14, 2010.  If you were to subtract 6 years from the year, you would have Kaitlyn's due date :P  Since I will possibly be having a cesarean (I would rather not) we could be having a Halloween baby :)
And there we are, growing a little baby as we speak :)


Drea said...

Yay! Congrats!

Nicole said...

We are soo unbelievably happy for you guys, congratulations!!!