Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Miss Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn has been doing great in school.  She loves reading and is now at the top of her class.  She is on the level 9 reading books, which to me, is really impressive.  I'm going to videotape her reading one of her books for you to see how good she's doing this afternoon :)  The higher reading 1st graders are at level 11, so there is no reason why she won't at the very least catch up to them by the end of the year :)  She's doing a ton of math, actual addition and subtraction problems, counting to 300+ and writing her own sentences in math.

Her allergies, asthma and headaches have been rough.  She has an MRI scheduled for Friday just to rule out any neurological problems that could be causing her headaches.  She has been seeing a chiropractor, which is also helping some and we were giving her medication that we've weaned her off of.  Since spring time is upon us, her allergies have been crazy bad, which means that her asthma is acting up.  Which has been no fun for her!  She missed her first day of school this week because she was coughing so bad all night and all day long that I couldn't see sending her to school like that.

Kaitlyn is thriving in girl scouts.  She has earned all of her petals and just finished her cookie sales.  She ended up selling 576 boxes!  Holy moly!  Thank you so much to everyone that helped out our troop by buying those delicious little boxes.

She also started t-ball last week!  Her opening day is March 27, she is on the pink panthers and is SOO excited!!

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