Monday, March 8, 2010

Second Betas are in!

Our goal was to see them double in 48 hours, which would be about 108.  We were about 5 hours shy of when I should have went in to get the most accurate reading, which meant I would be ok with anything in the 90-100 range.

I was thrilled that our betas came back at 154!  15 days post ovulation, HCG levels typically come back at 17-147 with an average of 71, so this is great to be so high!

A small study done and listed on squidoo showed that levels at 16 dpo can play a big role in your liklihood of having a successful pregnancy.  With my levels today, it would be safe to assume I would be in the low 200s tomorrow.  This is their chart:


What this study found:

25 - 50 hCG at 16dpo -- Four women in this study had hCG levels below 50 at this stage. The researchers concluded that with these levels less than 25% would continue on with their pregnancy with more than 75% miscarrying.

50 - 100 hCG at 16dpo -- Of 16 women, 25% continued on with their pregnancies.

100 - 199 hCG at 16dpo -- Of 27 women with these levels, 73% continued on with their pregnancies.

200 - 299 hCG at 16dpo -- Of 48 women, 96% continued on with their pregnancies

Over 300 hCG -- All 105 women continued on with their pregnancies.

We are going to be in the 96% category!  We have no reason to expect we won't be bringing this baby home alive and healthy! 

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Alyssa said...

Wanted to say congrats. Found your blog via theBump. Thanks for this info of betas at 16 DPO!

Look forward to reading more!