Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My First Appointment

Yesterday, I had my nurse appointment to do all of our intake, medical history and that good stuff.  It was with Cathy, like it always has been, which makes it so much nicer.  She already knows our history, was there when I had Kaitlyn and Matthew and every pregnancy since.  She's very motherly and incredibly supportive.

I was blessed with the ability of giving 12 vials of blood :)  Including another beta hcg test to make sure my levels are increasing in a healthy way.  Again, the goal is to have them increase every 48 hours.  My levels this time were at 4,382!  Which says I am obviously pregnant!  It also means that our ultrasound will show everything!

I have been scheduled for our first ultrasound on April 2 to confirm fetal heart rate, size and placement.

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